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Chapter 25 Part 1

Once he had forced his brother to agree to a more or less civil discussion with Roy, the youngest of the alchemists simply stole Edward’s apartment keys and stated that he was going for a walk so the other two could talk without any inhibition. Since Alphonse would probably be one topic of the discussion, the Colonel had no problem letting him go.  It also left Roy alone with Ed, and even though Edward was not exactly welcoming Roy’s presence at the moment, it gave the older man the opportunity to try to soothe the younger’s temper.  He also planned to use Ed’s attraction to him against the other alchemist, and that was best done with Alphonse out of the way.  Roy liked Al, but he couldn’t pass up this chance.  
“You are a manipulative, arrogant asshole.  And a Bastard.” Ed growled as soon as the door closed behind Al’s back.
 “You call that diplomatic?” Raising an eyebrow, the Colonel’s voice displayed faint sarcasm.
“Al didn´t say ‘no insulting’.” Edward promptly countered, which actually was true, but also made the younger alchemist sound rather childish.
“It’s a good thing we never sent you on any diplomatic missions,” Roy said dryly.
“Good thing the Brass never trusted you to be anything but a lazy man-whore, you manipulative piece of-“
“It worked, didn´t it?  You have your brother back, don’t you?” the Colonel interrupted, and for a moment, Ed was stuck by the pure audacity of the statement. Then he caught on, and despite Al’s warning, his outrage was likely heard by everyone in the apartment block.
“My life isn’t some damn military assignment that you have to handle for damage control!” Hmm, so Edward was aware of at least some of the lengths Roy had gone to in cleaning up after him back in the day.
“Thank you for not shouting out any classified information,” the Colonel answered, wincing at the ringing in his ear.  Much as he would have liked to remind Ed about Al’s ‘no screaming’ rule, Roy really didn’t want to have to rely on Alphonse – in person or spirit - to control Edward.
The direction this conversation was going was not getting them any closer to resolving their differences however.  Roy grabbed the wheel to steer it back on course before it could become one gigantic, senseless shouting match.
“You can’t deny that Al needed to be made aware of a few things.  And that he had to hear those things from you.  And he did.” That worked like a bucket of cold wa - ah, let´s not think about cold water.
Roy’s former subordinate stopped shouting, but still scowled at him. It took Edward a few moments to reply, but the tone of his voice had changed drastically. No rage, no anger. In fact, his voice was a study in guarded coldness, and that more than anything else warned the Colonel.
“So, you were manipulating Al?” If it was about himself, Edward could rant and scream and punch impulsively. But if he feared that someone was trying to take advance of his brother, Ed’s reaction gained a calculating edge. Roy definitely preferred impulsive anger over this. And as a matter of fact, the accusation was not even true.
“If anything, Al is manipulating both of us,” the Colonel growled displeased, which earned him a skeptical glance from the alchemist sitting next to him. Oh joy, the absolute trust of an older brother in the innocence of the younger. Roy shook his head before the man could answer his statement with a defense of his sibling.  “Alphonse simply found out a few things he didn´t know. And so did I.” The dark haired man sent a disapproving glance towards Ed that only earned him a stubborn frown and a defiant look. 
“I don´t approve of your actions, but I´m in no position to judge them,” Roy said as Ed crossed his arms over his chest.  The Colonel sighed and continued. “Actually, I shouldn´t even be surprised.  You always did value your brother’s life over your own.”
Edward’s only response was a skeptical glare. Shifting his attention to the food boxes in various states of disarray on the coffee table, Roy finally admitted something he was very reluctant to say, but it was true nonetheless.
“The decision was yours to make and that´s exactly what you did.” Roy might believe that Edward’s actions had been rash and imprudent, but it wasn’t fair to sit back and second guess the young man after the fact.  This had been a private matter, and Roy had no real right to question Ed’s decision, or to judge the boys actions.  “If there’s one thing I know about you, it’s that you always do what you believe to be right, regardless of the consequences to yourself.”
Silence greeted this statement, and Roy couldn´t bring himself to look at the blond man next to him. Instead, he took one of the boxes along with a set of chopsticks and placed the paper carton between his knees, which allowed him to use both hands to break the sticks apart as well as open the box.
Since Edward had still made no comment, Roy finally looked up and found himself the target of a thoughtful gaze. Despite the searching stare, Roy didn´t feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, he was confident and relaxed to a degree that, under the circumstances, quite surprised him.
Certainly, acknowledging Ed’s right to make such a heavy decision without any interference or judgment might be surprising for the younger alchemist, but Edward was not a child anymore. Roy would be a hypocrite to treat him as such when at the same time he was willing to accept him as a professional equal, and a possible bed partner as well. 
Golden eyes firmly on Roy, the former Fullmetal took one of the opened food boxes, picked up his own chopsticks, and leaned back poking into whatever dish he had selected. He was obviously waiting for something.  Roy kept his silence, hoping the young man would say something to verify Roy’s interpretation of Ed’s current behavior.  He was pretty sure the blond had forgiven him now, but wanted confirmation.
“Well? You came here to talk, didn’t you?” The blond finally offered, more than just slight amusement creeping into his voice.  “I’m listening.”
Good lord, was the food drugged?
Edward Elric was actually willing to listen to Colonel Bastard.
“How was your discussion with Al?” Roy asked carefully, still unsure about trusting this almost peaceful atmosphere. But the half expected attack failed to appear and Ed picked some noodles out of his carton before answering.
“Better than I expected. I haven´t told him even half of what happened but -“ Edward shrugged and for a moment, he appeared incredibly tired and relieved at the same time. “- he´s trying to understand.  It’s his own actions that he’s having the hardest time understanding,” the blond muttered before shoving the food into his mouth. “It –“ Another shrug, another failed attempt to explain the situation. Ed had never been a master with words and this was no exception. “. . . must be strange. To hear about things you’ve done in a life you don’t remember.  But he´s handling it surprisingly well.”
Roy picked at his chicken and leaned back. “Did he . . . have anything to say about what he and I discovered in the underground city?” the Colonel asked before he bit into the breaded, deep fried morsel.  
The blond shook his head.
“No,” Ed answered.  “I guess maybe he wants to hear the entire story first, or maybe he needs some time to sort out his thoughts, or maybe he’s . . . ” Edward’s voice faded out.
Looking at the man next to him, the Colonel noticed the signs of tension: a strained set to Ed’s posture, the slight tremor of his hand as he brushed aside his bangs, the tapping of his chopsticks on the side of his food carton.
“His behavior didn´t give me any indications that he might be angry at you,” Roy tried to reassure the younger man.  “However he might be affected by what you have to tell him, he is your brother.  Nothing can ever change that.” But even as the Colonel stated this unalterable fact, he wondered what he would do if Al decided he preferred to distance himself from his brother.  As unlikely as that might be, the Colonel liked to be prepared for any eventuality.   He felt better having a plan B ready, just in case.  And it didn’t hurt to have plans C and D on the backburner either.  In this case however, Roy had no idea how he could help.  If Alphonse decided that he couldn’t accept what his brother  had been forced to do and went back to Resembool and live his life with the Rockbells, Roy didn’t want to even think about how devastated Edward would be.
And since Roy had convinced Edward that he should tell Alphonse about his missing past, he would be responsible for causing the rift between the brothers.  Back when Edward admitted the consequence he feared most in that one quiet question, Roy had reassured him that his fears were unfounded, based on his knowledge of how much the brothers loved each other.  But if Al made the mistake of sitting in harsh judgment of his brother, and then passed sentence by returning to Resembool alone, what then?
Roy had his own technique for treating people going through difficult times and overwhelming situations. It consisted of challenging them to suck it up and move on.  And in fact, Edward already had firsthand experience with it.  Roy had used it on him years ago, during the Tucker chimera incident.  Appealing to logic in order to ground a distressed comrade was Roy’s plan B.  He had never been successful in attempts to offer comfort, so it was not a strategy in his repertoire.  And according to Riza Hawkeye, it was a good thing.  Roy really sucked at giving comfort.
That was why it was so disturbing to see Ed eating at an almost normal pace, lost in brooding thought.  Because there was not much Roy could do about it.  They had to await Al’s reaction to what Edward had to say.  For the moment, it appeared that Alphonse was anxious to keep a normal relationship with his brother.  Roy hoped that continued to be the case.
Since there was currently nothing more to be done on this front, Roy turned his thoughts to his other main objective.
As soon as he finished eating, Roy, as a considerate guest, took the liberty of clearing the empty boxes from the living room while Ed finished his own meal. The former Fullmetal’s distress might have slowed down his rate of consumption, but the amount of food the young man was able to eat was still astonishing.
It came to an abrupt stop when the Colonel unobtrusively positioned himself in front of the younger man, back turned, then leaned forward to pick up a few of the empty cartons along with his own. Despite their light weight, he could hear Edward’s chopsticks landing on the couch, and the light clicking as the wooden sticks bounced to the floor.  The snug fitting jeans were working their magic.
It took a remarkable amount of willpower to not turn around and look into Ed’s face or chuckle. Roy made his way to the kitchen, all innocence, and placed the empty containers on the counter, carefully listening for any other sounds Ed might make.  That turned out to be a mistake.  He perhaps should have guessed that Edward was able to move almost soundlessly.  The man was a highly trained martial artist and moved with smooth agility, but Roy at least had expected to hear the automail footsteps approach.
He didn´t.
The Flame Alchemist barely managed to avoid a startled jump and an embarrassing squeak when, without any hesitation, his ass was groped. Not cupped, not caressed. Groped.  It certainly was not the first time his butt has been handled in this manner, but it still took him a moment to recover from his surprise. Thankfully, the grip loosened after just few seconds, but Ed obviously had no intention of taking his hands away.
More amused than irritated by Edward´s boldness, the Colonel turned around to face his molester. Raising an eyebrow, he looked down at the blond man, whose hands still cupped his backside, arms looped around him in a lose hug.
“Don´t tell me you call that being diplomatic.” The Colonel couldn´t help his slightly mocking tone. “Because if you do, then I´m really glad we never sent you on diplomatic missions.”
The impish smile he received as an answer to this statement took Roy’s breath away.
He wasn’t sure why the sheer lack of respect didn´t bother him. Maybe it was because he was so used to Edward not giving a shit about subtle social graces.  He certainly had a knack for cutting to the chase and getting right to the point.  Ed was not limited in his actions by a bet either, so he saw no need to hold back, knowing that Roy was definitely interested. 
“Don´t worry, Colonel. This particular negotiation tactic is reserved for Bastards alone.” Ed quietly growled.
The Colonel had to catch his breath again when his butt was given a good squeeze as the blond pulled him closer.  Even though his dignity was not sure if it was being insulted, the Flame Alchemist was not about to complain when he was finally getting confirmation that the younger man had forgiven him.   Roy placed his hands lightly on the man’s waist instead of the body parts Roy longed to touch ever since he’d first seen the young man in his sleepwear.
“You know, these pants are an invitation.”  Ed hummed, leaning in as Roy pulled him closer. The blond man made good use of their height difference and nuzzled the pale skin just above the collar of the Colonel’s soft pullover.
“They aren’t.” The Colonel was not about to let Edward know he was right.  “For that I would have to get some leather pants, like the ones you used to wear. That would have been an – “ his breath caught when soft lips brushed the hollow of his throat, sending shivers down his spine.
He couldn’t remember ever being so aroused by so little, but his pants already felt uncomfortable as the general showed his appreciation for the situation. Roy’s fingers acted on their own when they pulled the cloth of Ed’s shirt up, slipping under the hem, his hands meeting soft skin marred with scars.  Damn if it didn´t feel good to touch them. Roy had never had a kink for scars, but each and every one of these marks made him aware of just who it was he was touching.  Strange, how it could feel so good to stroke this branded skin when not two weeks ago Roy would never have thought to touch Ed like this, would have been opposed even to the idea of doing so.
Now his hands made their way over these silent witnesses to a life much rougher than it should have been, and delighted in the privilege. He took pleasure as well in the shivers caused by his touch, and the way Ed’s breath caught, and the press of Ed’s lips against his neck. The young man arched his back when Roy’s finger stroked over his shoulder blades, and he stepped back a bit to allow his former superior to pull his shirt over his head, leaving his torso bare.
Roy wanted to look, to appreciate the view, but fingers steel and flesh buried themselves in his hair, pulling his face down. Just before his lips were captured, he caught a glimpse of molten gold, hungry and needy and filled with raw desire.
God, he wanted to fuck him. Give him he wanted, what they both wanted. Those lips moving against his felt so good, but he wanted more. Despite the pure need he had seen in Ed’s eyes, the man’s tongue was fighting his when he pushed it between the shorter man’s lips. But it was good, so good, to feel the other man challenge him, urge him on to earn it. Even though Ed wanted this, he wouldn´t surrender so easily.
Roy’s arms wrapped around the smaller man’s waist, pulling him closer, tight against his own body, and slipped one knee between the blond’s legs.  Roy’s hips shifted forward, moving against the man pressed against him, rocking the hard bulge trapped in jeans against the blond’s crotch. Roy could  feel an equally hard arousal, and excitement rushed through his body, setting his nerves on fire.  The rhythmic movement was enough to throw Ed off balance and let Roy gain the upper hand in their kiss. Edward’s moan was swallowed by Roy’s lips, and the Colonel planned to pull more of those wanton sounds from the younger man.
But his victory was short lived. Just as Roy claimed the younger man’s mouth, he felt the other alchemist’s hands leave his hair and settle on his shoulders. At the same time Ed’s left leg slid up, the thigh brushing against Roy’s hip and then –
He noticed Edward’s foot hooking up behind his knee a split second too late.  The Colonel was on his back the same instant he sensed Ed’s intention. And damn the brat, Roy knew he could have softened the fall, but didn´t.  The landing was rather rough, Roy’s back and elbows hitting the kitchen floor hard.
It mattered shit when just a moment later the blond alchemist straddled his hips, a predatory smile on his lips and unhidden lust in his eyes. The young man sat down on the bulge of Roy’s already too tight trousers and instantly the Colonel tried to rub his hardness against the weight on his crotch, but the position didn´t give him much room to move.   The slight friction he did manage was barely more than a tease that only heighten his need. Pushing himself up on his elbows, the Colonel felt mismatched hands making their way beneath his pullover.  Fingers caressed his stomach on their way up as Roy sat up, leaning forward until he could feel the blond’s warm breath on his lips.
Ed tugged on the pullover’s hem.  “Off.”
The demanding whisper against Roy’s lips had a rough, needy undertone that made the Colonel’s dick twitch painfully with hot arousal. He needed to get out of these damn pants, they were too tight. They were in the way, too much cloth between his hard dick and the ass he wanted to shove it in. His fingers grasped long hair, forcing the blond to tilt his head back, to bare the slender throat.  Roy´s lips lightly caressed the tanned skin before sucking on it, hard enough to leave a mark. Ed gasped and the gentle pull on Roy’s sweater became desperate and erratic.
“Take it off.” The young man repeated, half moaning and half panting.
Roy’s tongue licked the freshly forming hickey, and Edwards’s hips jerked forward, finally giving the Colonel’s hard erection the friction it needed so desperately.  Roy groaned, his hands beginning to reaching out, meaning to grab Ed’s ass and urge the man to do that again.  Instead, he lifted his arms, some distant part of himself warning that he should not to touch Edward like this for some important reason, though he’d be damned if he could remembered why. Who the fuck cared anyway? This was already out of control.
Lifting his arms allowed Ed to pull Roy’s sweater up, and he was all for any progress towards being naked. As the cloth passed over his face, he noticed that Ed’s hands let go for a moment, but he didn´t care other than that it delayed the stripping, and he didn´t hear the faint clap, so the tingling sensation of alchemic power came as a surprise. Even more, when Ed suddenly pushed against the changing cotton as it reached his wrists. It threw Roy off balance, and he found himself on his back again, hands pinned above his head. He instinctively tried to move his arms, but couldn’t.  Throwing his head back, the Colonel was just in time to see the successful merging of what had once been his pullover with the floor of the kitchen, securely binding his wrists above his head.
Ed took Roy’s bared throat as an invitation to attack it with his mouth, much rougher than he had before, biting, sucking, and licking the pale skin.  Despite the shock of the sudden transmutation and the trapping of his wrists, the Colonel was reminded of his aching erection as each new assault by Ed’s mouth send hot waves of raw desire down to the heat in his lap. Once again Roy tried to move his hands, but the transmuted cloth was keeping them firmly in place. Edward paused, tilting his head to look Roy in the face.
“Okay?” he asked, with a nod towards the transmuted restraint.  
It was a question, but at the same time a challenge, daring Roy to give up on his precious control and let his former subordinate do what he wanted. Ed’s hands moved intimately over Roy’s skin, gently stroking up his stomach and ribs.  Roy let out a faint hiss when they caressed his nipples in passing, lightly, but it was enough for them to become hard, and the trapped man’s hips jerked up. The movement was pure instinct, a reaction to the aching need he felt, the need for friction to get him closer to orgasm. Ed smiled at the reaction, his hands stroking up to Roy’s collarbone, then back down the same way, coming to a rest at Roy’s sinfully tight jeans’ waistband.
Roy tried to move his arms again, to tear the cloth holding his wrists in place. Of course this wasn´t okay!  He wanted Ed to release him. But more than anything, he wanted the man to move. How could Edward just sit there, the bulge in his trousers just as prominent as the one Roy was sporting, half naked and fucking gorgeous and - and doing nothing?
It wasn´t the first time Roy had been tied down, but this was very different.  Whether he was the bonder or the bondee, he and his partner always left a possibility to get to free. Now, however, Roy had no key, no lock to open, and no gloves, or any way to draw a transmutation circle. But though part of him balked at the prospect of spontaneously giving up control, it was tiny and died a miserable death when Ed leaned down to nibble at his neck again, soft lips trailing a line from his jaw down towards his collarbone. Fuck it, he had a young and eager blond sitting in his lap, waiting for permission to give him exactly what he needed, so why not?  Oh god, this was good, this was almost, perfect, just not enough, and damn the man for giving him only enough to make him want more. From his position astride Roy’s hips, there was no way Edward didn’t feel the eager twitch of Roy’s cock against its prison.
And he soon proved that he did. The younger man shifted, blond bangs tickling the sensitized skin of Roy’s chest as he moved. Ed’s automail hand supported the young man’s weight as his knees slipped between the older man’s jeans covered thighs, settling between the Colonel’ legs.
It felt like slamming face first into a wall.  This was going in an entirely different direction than Roy was prepared to go.  It was not a position Roy felt comfortable with. He was not going to let himself be –
Hips forced his thighs further apart as the younger man started to grind against the painful bulge in the Colonel’s trousers. Fluid, continuous movement, the return of that delicious friction, the pressure becoming stronger each time the younger man’s arousal rocked against his.
Damn it.
“Move.” He urged the man on, bending his knees to be able to thrust up in harmony with Ed’s movements, to grind his own erection against the younger man’s to increase the friction. Why couldn´t the other alchemist just abandon this slow and steady rhythm?
“Move faster, damn it.” Roy growled, not caring that he sounded desperate. Hell, he was desperate, and as long as he got off, he was willing to live with it. Roy was pretty sure Ed would not fuck him if he refused. And he was absolutely sure that he would come before the man even came close. As long as the blond just kept moving.
Fuck, don’t stop.
Don´t stop.
The humping stopped.  Ed raised his lower body far enough away to prevent Roy from getting what he wanted by rocking up himself. The Colonel felt the sudden urge to cry out and barely prevented a nasty curse from escaping his lips.
“So, this is fine?” The soft purr against his neck made him clench his teeth.
Damn brat.
Roy was going to kill him.
“Yes.  Now move.”
Without further ado, Ed’s left hand found its way to the Colonel’s denim covered dick.
Even if he hadn’t wanted to, there was no way Roy could not thrust up against the palm firmly pressed against the tented front of his trousers. He was pretty sure the moan that escaped his lips when he threw his head back contained some curse, but he didn´t give a shit about that as long as Ed’s hand kept on rubbing the hard bulge.
Closing his eyes, Roy gave himself up to the feel of getting his erection stroked through thick cotton.  He registered Ed’s lips on his neck, sending pleasurable shivers down his spine every time the man bit down, this tiny bit of pain adding to the ecstasy.
Then the hand moved away from his dick, but Roy’s desperate cry was lost as the younger man’s tongue pushed its way past his lips to thoroughly ravish his mouth.  All thoughts of putting up a fight, of providing at least some token challenge for control, were erased from Roy’s mind when Ed, one-handed and therefore a bit clumsy, managed to open Roy’s belt. Moments later the button and zipper of his jeans were also open, and the younger man’s hand slipped into his shorts.
Roy broke off the kiss with a strangled hiss. He was losing it, coming apart at the seams, but damn it, it was so good, getting closer and closer as he moved against the hand in his shorts, the palm that pressed against the pulsing length of his erection, the fingers that curled around him, god, it was good.  When the hand slipped out of his underwear, he let out a needy, desperate sound he never thought himself capable of making.
“Ed – “ Roy’s voice had been reduced to a hoarse, low whisper. If he could have, he would have hit the man for once again denying him his relief. Laughable, because in fact he couldn’t hit Edward, couldn´t move, could do nothing but wait for the man to do as he pleased.  The thought sent a thrill of excitement through his body.  Damn it, but he was unbelievably turned on by this.
Edward began to slowly trace his lips along the hollow of Roy’s throat, then in a straight path down towards Roy’s lower body.
Scratch that, Roy no longer wanted to hit Ed. He wanted to push the young man’s head toward his dick much faster than the pace Edward set. Hitting him would only delay this.
Of course Ed couldn’t suck his cock through his pants, but Roy still hissed when the waistband of his jeans was eased down, finally- oh god, yes- releasing his erection. Edward stopped his journey over Roy’s twitching abs for a moment to take a lingering look at the swollen and very hard length now lying against Roy’s lower stomach, and – good lord – licked his lips. Very much reminding the Colonel of a cat in front of the cream.  Ed was completely enjoying this.
As much as he wanted to come, Roy struggled now to hold off.  At this rate, Roy would shoot his load even before it came to what Edward clearly had in mind, and Roy very much wanted to experience it. The young man’s fingers wrapped around hot flesh, so very slowly starting to stroke the erection- as if it needed any more encouragement- and Ed’s mouth returned to the place where it had left, continuing to kiss its way down towards the dick twitching in anticipation. When his lips reached the Colonel’s stomach, all Roy could do was moan and stammer breathless encouragements to hurry.
Roy wasn’t sure he managed to articulate the words among his heavy moans and pants. And he didn’t care.  His world had narrowed to the slowly reducing distance between Edward’s mouth and his erection.
That was likely why Roy didn´t hear the sound of a key turning in a lock. Or the quiet squeak of the front door’s hinges.  Or the hurried footsteps rushing towards the kitchen. 
What he did hear was Al’s reaction to the sounds Roy was making. There was no way he could fail to notice the shout.
“Brother! I told you not to hurt - OH MY GOD!”
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Al....your name is in the DICKtionary under "Elric-us Interruptus"
Ohhh god...and when I posted the response it was to part ONE of this yaoiliciousness...I had NO IDEA what was waiting in this chapter....::turns up the A/C::

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That cheered me up so very much and I really needed to be cheered up <3333

I really want to smack Al for interupting them but I also want to hug him for saving Roy from losing the bet. Damn that was hot.

Okay, now I need to go unmelt my brain and wait sort of patiently for the next part :D

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As for Eds and Roys reaction... you will have to wait till next chapter to read them, but at least the first few pages are done already ^^ Glad you liked that bit of Roy and Ed action ^-^

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I had a feeling Al was going to have bad timing! Totally hilarious! Poor kid is going to be scared for life, the General too for that matter.

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:D The general is a vetaran of many wars. Nothing will scare that one off that fast XD I guess it was a bit of obvious that Al is going to walk in, but I enjoyed letting my brain very slowly crawl out of the gutter, so now Al will have to suffer XD He certainly won´t be the first one to do it in this fic ^^

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Ok first that was hot. Like nosebleed hot. Second that must have been mortifying and Third I am so fucking happy! >:-) oh I just love to see them squirm. And Roy would really suffer with the bet on. Darkside cookies for you! You definitely earned them!

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I came in late as a reader, but I absolutely love this story. There is a certain adversity to this pairing that makes it such a fun pairing to ship. And of course any type of sexual frustration on Roy's part is always enjoyable especially when induced knowingly by Ed. That kind of combination is pure gold, and I applaud you for having it successfully. I really enjoy this story and can't wait for the next installment.

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Well, I can say I´m happy I didn´t do the chapter break sooner ^^
:D I´ve been afraid Roy being in this position might be a no-go for some readers so I´m very glad to hear you liked it ^^ (Uhg, damn ._. one-shot-temptation....^^°)
To be honest, I do have trouble picturing Ed as a total submissive uke in this fic ^^° You know, the ones whose sole purpose in bed seemed to be to moan/scream/beg for more, look pretty and let themselves be...*cough* you get the picture? ^^° I think the least Ed can do, even as a bottom, is to challenge Roy.

About a third of the next chapter is done and somehow, I really have troubles stopping ._.
As for "Elric-us Interruptus" (I´m already in love with the name XD): he will get a change to make it up to the readers ^.~
The General however is a man of many, many wars XD Instead of backing down, he gets more persistend as time goes on >:D

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New chp!!1 Yayyy!!! Thank u so much!!! <3<3

*ready to read* :3

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Oh God! So hotttt!! >.<.

Ugh, AL U CANN'T COME IN! *hurry to chase Al away & lock him in some room, smirk*

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Too late XD He already ruined the mood ^^° Shoving him out won´t help anymore ^^
Thank you for the review :D It´s good to read my attempts at some RoyxEd action are not as bad as I feared them to be ^^°

Date: 2011-11-01 03:57 am (UTC)
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Yup, Ha3x. U're welcome, <3. Don't worry, we always wait for Roy X Ed action, :P

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hehe ^^. excellent. poor roy, though XD. faster updates are my only request! im dying between updates >>>.<<

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You´re wish might come true this time ._. I have a bit trouble stopping the writing XD I´ve been interrupted about 20 times already, but now it´s getting late and hopefully, there will be more time to write ^^

Date: 2011-11-02 02:37 pm (UTC)

Date: 2011-10-30 07:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ca11iope.livejournal.com
How about a little omake?

That was likely why Roy didn´t hear the sound of a key turning in a lock. Or the quiet squeak of the front door’s hinges. Or the hurried footsteps rushing towards the kitchen.

What he did hear was Al’s reaction to the sounds Roy was making. There was no way he could fail to notice the shout.

“Brother! I told you not to hurt - OH MY GOD! YOU ATE ALL THE TAKEOUT!!”

Date: 2011-10-31 04:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cr-jarnsaxa.livejournal.com
Why, you should have wrote that into the chapter ^.~ To bad it doesn´t match with the plot, cause I would have updated it otherwise XD it so deserves some attention and if you don´t mind, I will add it as a little extra next chapter? :D

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All yours. :)

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The absolute grandest part of this story is that you've constantly got Roy at the end of his rope without snapping it. lol The ways you manage to stop him before he comes are nothing short of epic! Can't wait for the next chapter (as usual). :D

Date: 2011-10-31 04:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cr-jarnsaxa.livejournal.com
It certainly is one of the most enjoyable parts to write :D 'torturing Roy' became one of my favorite hobbies very fast XD As well as stopping him from getting any relief ^.~ But that´s basically just the upgraded version of the torture ^^

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Thanks so much for making my ill shitty day feel better.

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XD nice to see you´re enjoying Al's suffering ^^
I´m happy to hear the chapter managed to brighten your day :D And I do hope the next one will be able to do so as well. Next thing I´m going to do: update ^^ have fun reading the chapter once it´s out :D

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Al the cock-block. XD He truly is a little brother!

Date: 2011-11-27 04:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lazylamia.livejournal.com
Roy of course made the best of this opportunity, which led them to hot groping session in the kitchen…ended so abruptly (Eeverybody said : poor Al, but I think that Roy was a real poor one here :P)

Date: 2011-12-30 01:01 pm (UTC)
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XD And the general! The general is always forgotten XD I would put Roy right in line after his dick ^^°
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