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Chapter 28: Sweet (day)Dreams

Day 19

When Roy entered the office, cranky was far too tame a description for his mood.  So was ‘on the edge’.  There were a number of reasons for that, one of them being the absence of his usual morning inquisition.   The people keeping tabs on him certainly knew he had been alone with Edward the previous evening, and the first set of pictures taken by Hughes’ surveillance man proved that there was no suitable angle through Edward’s window to get a decent shot of the kitchen floor.  A follow-up examination by the forensic alchemist should have been a given.  The Colonel had expected Sue Baker to stop by, and when that didn´t happen, he knew something was off.  

But that was not the main reason for his foul mood.  Roy was used to handling pressure situations like these.  It was a skill he’d developed during the Ishballan Rebellion, when rebel attacks could come at any moment, from any direction.  It had also served him well over the years in his rise through the ranks, as there was always someone hatching schemes in hopes of getting the better of a political opponent.

No, the real reason for the Colonel’s bad temper was much simpler.

He had dreamed of sex.  Damn good sex.  All night.  He had dreamed of former encounters and recent affairs.  And he had dreamed of Ed.  He could still feel his mind craving the ecstasy it remembered from those all too brief moments on Ed’s kitchen floor, could feel the tension in his body, the need to act on his desires.

It wasn´t the first time Roy had had erotic dreams. The last time wasn’t even that far in the past, as the bet had already bribed his subconscious mind into living out in his dreams what he denied his body in reality once before.  It was embarrassing, since he was no longer of an age that one would expect to have such dreams.   But it certainly was not the first time he woke up horny.

But this time… fuck. His mind had really outdone itself. The general had gained a powerful ally, and it left Roy cranky to a degree that made even Hawkeye wary in his presence.  And that was saying something.
Once he entered the office, he found himself greeted by a pretty Warrant Officer with a sealed envelope for him.  She was wearing a tiny miniskirt and a tight blouse, and after ordering her to leave the message on the table beside his couch he threw her out with a snarled reprimand about proper military attire.  Leaving the envelope where it was, the Colonel closed his door and stalked over to his desk to start in on the stack of forms Hawkeye had ready for him.  He was getting really tired of the pathetic games his rivals were playing to make him lose the bet.

Besides, his mind was doing a much better job of undermining his resolve than they could ever hope to.

He had woken up with morning wood just as hard as real wood, his mind haunted by erotic images and the feeling of hands on his body. The dreams had pursued him into wakefulness, and this time he hadn´t forgotten them once he was fully awake.  In fact, Roy had not been able to shake them off even now.  Every movement, ever so innocent, awoke the images of his dreams anew.

The water of the shower was like hands caressing his body. Touching, stroking every inch, not neglecting even the tiniest part.  Combing his hair brought to mind all the lovers who had run their fingers through raven strands, and the hot and passionate kisses this action usually lead to.  God, even shaving, when he had closed his eyes, he swore he could feel someone pressing against his body from behind, his neck being kissed, the slight scratching of stubble against his skin.  Roy had no idea where his mind had come up with that particular fantasy. Stubble indicated a man, though Edward had been clean shaven. But Roy had dreamed of Ed as well, of hot breath against his neck and lips wandering down his torso to…

“God damn it.” Roy murmured and opened his eyes to stare at the report in front of him. He threw the pen on the table and leaned back in his chair.

He didn´t need a mirror to know his face was unnaturally flushed.   He had felt this way all morning, the tension coiled in his body, the slight arousal lingering at the back of his mind, ready to attack the moment he was not carefully concentrating on where his thoughts were going.

Why now? Compared to this, the last few days had been rather easy on him.  Well, most of the time. But he had been under the impression that his situation was improving as his body got used to the abstinence, as long as he did not tempt fate.

Taking off his gloves, Roy ran his fingers through his hair, brushing the dark strands out of his face. They immediately fell back, but he didn´t notice, too preoccupied with keeping his mind out of the gutter.

With a weary sigh the Colonel turned his attention back to the mountain of paper on his desk. Where the hell did it all come from?  With the enormous number of reports he signed each day, Amestris had to be running out of forests to produce the damn paper.

It couldn´t be helped.  And it took his thoughts off of sex.  He really should stop dwelling on it.

A knock on the door announced the arrival of more paperwork, and soon enough the first pile was accompanied by another impressive stack.  Despite his earlier display of temper, Hawkeye cast him a disapproving glance when she noticed his lack of progress.  He sent a glare back, but it did little to intimidate her.  On the contrary, her eyes gained a hard edged gleam.
Well, she was a reliable Lieutenant. He needed her, so it probably was wise to spare her.  And look, paperwork. Now he had something else to do other than discipline his capable and downright dangerous First Lieutenant.

Clearing his throat, he signed off and placed the current file on the depressingly tiny stack in his out box, then opened the next unfinished file.  Riza nodded after one last stern look and left the office.
Glaring at the closed door, the unmotivated Colonel reached for his pen. The faint, scratching sound as he picked it up was almost too loud in the silence of the office.  His nails scratched over the wooden surface of the low table he was kneeling in front of. His hand blindly searched for the edge and gripped it hard. His body was on fire, his mind numb from the alcohol, but he was still aroused enough not to care about his drunken state.  Or his position, for that matter.  He just wanted to feel good and damn, if that hand on his dick didn´t do the job. The other man leaned forward, his weight pressing Roy’s torso against the wood. The kisses on his neck and the stubble he remembered from this morning were back, brushing against his skin.  A hoarse, lust filled voice moaned his name, hot breath against his ear. The hand on his erection let go of the swollen length and Roy moaned, but the hand did not return. Instead he felt a firm grip on his hip.

“Roy…” The deep voice was shaken, and a hand reached between their bodies. There was something hard and slick pressing against him and the husky voice was back, telling him to try and relax as the other started to push forward, forward, and –

Roy quickly stood up, burying his face in his hands. Abandoning the desk, the Colonel started to pace, unable to stay still. He needed to move, he needed to think. Scratch that, he needed to stop thinking. About that. It was shocking and disturbing, how easily his mind had slipped into... whatever that was.  It was suddenly there, without any warning.  One moment he was trying to get himself to do his paperwork, the next he was bent over…
The alchemist stopped his pacing.  Was that just some strange delusional fantasy?  He was pretty sure he recognized that table.  There was a fleeting, weird sense of recognition, almost like déjà vu.

He was feeling on edge again. The room was too warm.  Roy took off his jacket, but the moment his arms slipped out of the sleeves, he thought of yesterday, of how his wrists had been captured and of the young man pushing him down. Of hips rocking against his and that delicious friction against his trapped arousal.

Good lord.

Distraction. He needed distraction. He was a fucking mess. Maybe he should steal Havoc’s cigarettes again.

His eyes fell on the note left by the girl he had thrown out.  Perhaps this was the distraction he was looking for.  He instantly ripped the envelope open and read the contents.
And read it again.

At first, his medical checkup being rescheduled didn´t appear very suspicious.  Until he noted that it was set for that very afternoon.

Oh damn, Hughes was pulling strings again. The last thing he needed right now.

Since he couldn´t concentrate on paperwork anyway, maybe he should try throwing stones Maes’ way to see if he could find out what the man was planning – and hopefully prevent it.

However, the moment he opened his door, he found himself face to face with another of his bet enemies. Riza, with her hand lifted to knock, blinked in surprised. Then her eyes narrowed, as if to question just why he had dared to abandon his desk.

“What is it, Lieutenant?” The Colonel quickly interrupted before she could comment on his lack of progress. The authoritarian tone in his voice did the trick and Hawkeye quickly straightened herself.

“Sir.” She addressed him. “There´s a message for you-“

“I already read it,” he interrupted. Dark eyes narrowed as he waited for a reaction, but his Lieutenant only send him a glare and continued unimpressed.
“-from the repository.  The gloves you ordered have arrived.”

Talking about perfect timing.  He needed to get out of here anyway.

“Then I will pick them up immediately.  Lieutenant, call Lieutenant Colonel Hughes and tell him I will be over to see him shortly.” Might as well squeeze information about this new scheme out of the man at the same time. Or smoke it out.

“Sir, the Lieutenant Colonel is in the main reception hall, waiting for his next scheduled meeting,” she answered smoothly.

“Then I will look for him there,” the Colonel replied just as smoothly, mainly to inform her that she should not expect him back too quickly. If Maes had a meeting scheduled, Roy wouldn’t be able to get much information out of him, but maybe he could start by scorching the enemy a bit.

He didn´t even wonder why Hawkeye made no effort to stop him, and made no ‘recommendations’ that he finish his paperwork first.


Roy knew where to find Hughes.  What he didn´t expect was to find Edward there as well.

But the golden fall tied into a high ponytail that ended just above a luscious, leather clad ass was a dead giveaway with the young alchemist’s back towards the door Roy entered.

Well, that ass… as well as Al standing beside his brother.  But the ass was definitely the sweeter hint.

Hughes stood behind the reception desk talking to the female officer stationed there, pointing enthusiastically at something on the desk – a photo album no doubt.  There was absolutely no indication that the man had noticed Roy come in, but nevertheless Maes timed it perfectly.  Instead of his usual tactic of shoving the album of photos into everyone’s face, the man took an entirely different –and very suspicious – approach.  Hughes took hold of Edward’s arm and yanked the younger man forward across the desk – giving Ed a better view of the photo album, and Roy a spectacular view of Ed’s gorgeous, leather covered rear.  The blond alchemist let out an undignified squawk at suddenly being tugged off balance to sprawl over the reception desk, stomach pressed to the polished surface, on the tips of his toes trying to regain his footing.  Roy’s eyes were riveted on that stunning bit of Ed’s anatomy as the blond struggled against the hold on his wrist.  Not that Roy minded at all. Later, when he had time to think about the whole scenario, he would probably want to put the torch to his friend, but right now, he was really just enjoying the view.

It was a moment of epiphany. At least for the general, heaven was a place on earth with a tight, leather covered entrance, on display just in front of him. Stretched out.  Inviting.  Oh god, so inviting.

“You´re drooling, Sir,” someone whispered next to him.

Roy forced his eyes away from the tantalizing sight before him into look at Denny Brosh’s blushing face. The man cleared his throat.  It appeared to take some effort for the blond sergeant to meet Roy’s eyes.
“You might want to check your ... your appearance, as well, Sir,” Brosh advised with a slight dip of his eyes below Roy’s waist.

The Colonel, with a burgeoning feeling of doom, became aware of just how tight his trousers felt at the moment.  The general was casting his vote to accept the invitation displayed in front of him.  


Roy had left his jacket in his office.  No way to cover his ... excitement.  That left ...
“Your jacket, soldier,” Roy snapped out the order.
“What?” Brosh sounded close to panic.
“Give me your jacket. You’ll get it back when I’m done with it,” Roy hissed quietly.

The Sergeant stripped off his jacket, thrusting it at his superior.  “You can keep it, Sir. I’ve ordered a new one.” Brosh certainly sucked at lying. Oh god, don´t think about sucking. Don´t think about yesterday. Don´t think about Ed or his heavenly ass.

Quickly, the Colonel folded the jacket to turn the rank insignia inside, then proceeded to drape the cloth over his arm. There, relatively safe again.

“You really don´t need to be so anal about it,” Roy commented, noting the horrified look on the Sergeant’s face. Damn, just what the hell was going through the other man’s mind? The soldier in front of him appeared suddenly pale at the wording.

Hold on, just where was the man’s partner?  Brosh was rarely seen without his Second Lieutenant.

Looking about for Maria Ross, Roy found her. And felt his anger rise.
“Do you mind?!” he snapped at the woman, who was enjoying the same view he himself had just pried his eyes away from.  “That´s not professional behavior by any means,” he chided, clearly pissed off.  One look was enough to hinder Denny from pointing out another officer previously practicing that same unprofessional behavior.

Maria Ross quickly straightened up and snapped a sharp salute.  “My apologies, Sir!”  Then her eyes went to her partner. “Where´s your jacket?” she asked.


“Ouch. Fuck.” Ed´s curse saved Denny Brosh from having to answer that question, and Maria Ross from being reminded of the presence of a superior officer by a very pissed off Roy Mustang.

All three of them looked over, to find Ed on the floor. Sitting on the very same part that had been so highly admired.

Obviously, it had taken a bit of force to free himself from Hughes’ grip.

This opportunity… no way he could let it pass.

“Really, Ed.” The smirk came to his face as naturally as breathing. “You shouldn´t sit on the floor.  You could easily be tripped over by passing personnel.  It´s hard enough to avoid stepping on you when you’re on your feet.  It’s even more hazardous when you’re sitting down.”

For one, long second, it became absolutely still in the hall.

Then all hell broke loose.

“You fucking BASTARD!” Ed roared and quickly straightened himself up. “How about I wipe the floor with your damn face and we’ll see who´s short!”

Maybe it was because the reference to the lack of height came at an unexpected moment, but Ed actually attempted to jump at him.  It wasn’t in the way Roy would have preferred Ed to throw himself at him, but thankfully, Al prevented his brother’s wildly swinging arms from making contact with the Colonel.

Who stood there, smirking.  Watching Ed’s attempts to struggle out of his brother’s grip, growling curses.

Damn, he was stunning.

And tempting.

Stepping in quickly, Roy leaned over and kissed him.

Ed froze.  As did pretty much everybody in the hall.

Including Al.

The left hook hit his face with amazing speed, but thankfully Ed had aimed for the cheek, well aware of how easy such a strike could break a man’s nose.  Nonetheless, Roy found himself in the same position as the blond had been moments before, sitting on the floor looking up at a glaring blond. He really should have seen that one coming.

Shifting to his knees, Roy found himself at eyelevel with the man’s belt. Looking up behind his lashes, he smirked.

“Well, if you wanted me on the floor you could have said so, Edward,” Roy purred. “Really, I don´t mind, though I wasn’t aware you liked to have an audien-“

Al’s embarrassed choke interrupted Roy’s comment, but it didn’t matter.  He had accomplished his purpose.  Ed’s face had turned a very endearing shade of red.

“Roy?  What are you doing here?” Oddly enough, Hughes honestly sounded as if he hadn’t planned that presentation of Ed’s ass to the entire hall, including Roy. Too bad the timing was a bit too convenient for Mustang’s liking.

“I´m just heading to the repository to pick up the new gloves I ordered,” he informed the man, as if Hughes didn´t already know.

“Might as well order a few more pairs.” Ed grumbled, still blushing.  

“Pardon me?” The Flame Alchemist asked as he picked himself up from the floor.  At least his boner was gone. Good thing he was not masochistic enough to get off on having his face beaten.

“Order more.” Edward repeated annoyed. “I want to test a few of the arrays we designed.”

Raising one eyebrow, Roy wondered if the young man knew just how hard it was to find that particular material… and actually, it had taken surprisingly long for the order to arrive. He would have to have a word with the supply officer.  Now that was something to look forward to.  Reprimanding the ex-boyfriend of a past affair for making trouble for him.

One look at Ed’s face and the Colonel knew that the blond man was aware of the scarcity of the material, and didn´t give a shit.  As usual.
So all Roy did was sigh resignedly.  “I live to obey,” the Colonel muttered, bowing to his former subordinate.

Who ignored the biting sarcasm and looked at him thoughtfully.  “If only,” he said in a wistful tone.

 Roy found himself smirking again. “Now, there’s an idea.  If we get a uniform for you, we could play –“

“Way too much information, Roy!” Hughes interrupted, easily seeing where the conversation was leading.
Damn the man, spoiling his fun.  Roy had been curious to see how Ed would react to the offer of a little role play in the bedroom.

“Speaking about clothes,” Al cut in, likely in self defense. “We had hoped you might have some time to head over to your place during lunch break, so I could get my suitcase.”

Roy sent a look to Ed and found himself observed in a way that made him think of sex again.  So he quickly turned back to Al before he had to deal with yet another encounter with his imagination.

“Of course, Al.  It´s no problem at all.”

“See, I told you so,” Ed grumbled to his brother, then turned back to the Colonel, thankfully no longer undressing him with his eyes. “And since it´s your lunch break, we could use something to eat as well. Think you have enough time to make a few pancakes?”

“Brother!” Al sounded both embarrassed and resigned to his brother’s behavior.

“My lunch break’s a bit too… short for that.” When Roy said the dreaded s-word, he could see Ed’s eyes narrow, reminding him very much of a cat ready to pounce. But sadly, the man had a good hold on his temper again.  Roy would have to wait for another chance to catch him off guard.

“Well, if you’re not too late I´m sure Riza won´t mind.” Hughes offered, probably eager to keep Roy’s currently biggest weakness in the Colonel’s presence.  The man obviously didn´t know about the ‘no fucking with Al around’- rule. “I´ll give her a call,” the investigations officer promised.  He obviously didn’t know about the unfinished paperwork either. Yet.  “We can´t have Al walking around in the same clothes all the time.  Or hungry.”

It took all Roy’s self control to keep his evil smile in check.  His voice level, he said, “Sure, if you don´t mind calling her.” He wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.  And he had absolutely no qualms about putting his best friend in the line of fire either. “I´ll take these two to my place first, and then I´ll pick up the gloves.” He quickly took hold of Edward’s arm and dragged the alchemist along.  Knowing that Al would follow, he made a run for it.

It was a good hour before his lunch break officially started.




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