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Part 1

So he didn´t deepen the kiss, did not claim the man’s mouth with his tongue, as much as he would have liked to. Instead, he just enjoyed the movement of soft lips against his own before breaking gently away.  Roy’s hands left the desk to remove his gloves while his lips travelled lower to caress the tender throat partially hidden by the turtleneck.  Roy’s hands reached for the band holding rich gold at bay, slipping it off in one quick movement.  Then he buried his fingers in the long strands and pulled, forcing Ed to tilt his head back, offering his neck for the second time.  There was a small gasp at the sudden use of force, but the young man did not protest. Instead, Ed’s arms wrapped around Roy’s shoulders as he leaned back, to support this unbalanced position. Golden strands brushed over the polished surface of the desk.

Ed gasped again when Roy started to suck, kissing and biting the tender skin.  He worked to leave a number of clearly visible love bites and hickeys, only stopping when he was satisfied that he had done a thorough job.  Pulling back to admire his work, a smug grin formed on Roy’s lips.

Now whoever dared to stare at Ed would think twice about hitting on him. Thanks to the turtleneck, Roy had been able to place his marks strategically. No collar was high enough to hide them, and even a scarf would do little to cover them all.   

Roy felt smugly satisfied with this result, but leaned to bite the already sensitive skin again just because he liked the quiet sounds Ed was making. The breathless moan he got in return shot a wave of arousal directly to the general. Roy could feel his member getting into it. And even though he promised himself to be careful around Ed, he was not done yet. He had to make sure the younger man got even more into it than Roy could allow himself.

Letting go of the gold strands, the dark-haired man wrapped his arms around the blond’s waist and pulled him up close against his own body. Ed’s legs shifted further apart, allowing Roy to rock his hip against the younger man’s groin. 

Oh yes, this definitely felt promising. The other alchemist was at least as aroused as he himself was. Edward bit back a moan, and Roy muffled his own against the cotton covering the lower part of the younger man’s neck as he slowly rocked against the hard bulge. He let go of Ed’s waist and griped the hem of the black turtleneck, pulling it up.  The piece of clothing landed… somewhere, Roy didn´t pay attention to where. The moment it was off, Roy closed in on those lips again, but did not kiss the man. Instead he locked eyes with golden orbs, mesmerized by the lust and desire he saw reflected in them. Hot breath on his lips, panting. Just as heavy as his own breathing, but Roy could not take his eyes off the hungry gaze. Ed seemed to have a very good idea of what he wanted.

Blindly, Roy reached for the man’s belt. He didn´t know when Ed’s gloves had come off, but the younger man was now trying his best to open the buttons of Roy’s jacket.  Military clothes seemed to have been designed to be annoyingly hard to remove quickly, and clearly Ed was getting frustrated when he had to take his eyes away from Roy’s to see what his hands were doing. The Colonel couldn´t help the slight smile when Ed’s movements became more desperate – and less successful.

The Colonel was much quicker at relieving Edward of his belt.  The soft, hissing sound of leather against leather as the belt slipped out of one loop after another was almost lost in the sound of heavy breathing.

“Fuck this,“ Ed cursed quietly, but before he could clap and probably destroy the offending piece of clothing, Roy quickly gripped his wrists.

“I need that jacket,” he informed the man, smirking at the frustrated growl it earned him.

“No, you don´t.” Ed’s gaze traveled downwards and stopped at the clearly visible bulge at the front of Roy’s trousers, so very close to his own. “You´re overdressed, Mustang.” The younger man stated huskily.

Actually, Ed had a point. It was rather warm in there. It took Roy three seconds to get rid of the jacket, and his gloves as well.   Immediately Ed’s hands started on the buttons of the older man’s shirt, but once again the Colonel gripped his wrists, forcing them away from his clothes. He needed to stay in control of this, to ensure the younger man got it worse than he did, or else Roy was fucked, and not by Ed. By the bet conditions.

This time, the action earned Roy an angry hiss that was quickly cut off when Roy leaned forward, pinning both the metal and the flesh wrists against the desk, and Ed on his back.  The younger man tried to free his flesh hand, but stopped his resistance when Roy’s lips returned to his neck, now claiming the area previously covered by the high collar. 

Which had also been covering that damnable chain with the disturbing ring attached. Oh, Roy despised that thing with a passion.  He pushed it deliberately aside to place one hell of a lovebite underneath.  If Edward insisted on wearing it, Roy wanted it to rest against a hickey he had placed there. Just to remind Ed that there were better things to hold on to than rings given by former lovers.

Once satisfied, Roy’s lips slowly made their way closer to the automail shoulder. The Colonel could tell he was getting closer to the metal, and to the more sensitive skin, by the way Ed shivered beneath him.  When he reached the curve where neck met shoulder a few inches from the port, it was thrilling how Ed’s body arched up.   The younger alchemist apparently had given up trying to speed things up, perhaps deciding that it would simply be better to let Roy do what he wanted.  In any case, when the Colonel released his wrists, all the younger man did was wrap his arms around the man leaning over him.  The dark haired man was glad Ed couldn´t see the triumphal smirk on his lips.  If he had, Edward might have thought twice about letting Roy do as he pleased.

Now Roy had the perfect opportunity to tip the scales a bit. His hands wandered down over a flat stomach, feeling well defined muscles tremble under his touch.  He reached for the button of Ed’s pants as Ed pulled the military shirt up and loose from the waistband of Roy’s trousers and slipped mismatched finger underneath the cotton to play lightly along his ribs.  Roy’s hands moved to Ed’s sides to push pliant leather down over trim hips.  

Or at least – he tried.  Irritated, Roy stopped and looked down at the offending article of clothing.  How the hell did the man put these pants on? A paint brush?  Did he lube his ass?

“What?” Ed asked a bit breathless and Roy looked up to meet golden eyes before he looked down to where his hands were still trying in vain to relieve Edward of his pants.

Admittedly, the leather was strained even more thanks to the bulge in front, but the word ‘tight’ was an understatement. He wondered how Ed even managed to sit down in these, or think of them as comfortable.

 “I know this sounds strange considered the current situation, but I´d really like to see you get these on some day,” Roy finally admitted his thoughts. Ed stared at him as if he’d lost his mind.

“You´re thinking about that now?” Ed asked incredulous, eyes flashing his outrage.

Chuckling, the Colonel leaned in to kiss the irritated blond, but didn´t get much of a reaction.  The blond appeared to be trying to figure him out.

“Get your head back into the game, Mustang,” he huffed. “Right now I´d like to see you get them off me.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Roy said with a slight grimace.

Ed snorted and muttered something about idiots, but Roy could feel the man’s legs moving, his feet feeling around for something he could use as support, which he found, because his body arched up, against Roy’s.  And held that position as he waited for Roy to get his pants off.

Fuck. He forgot to add the younger man’s flexibility as point in Ed’s favor when he’s made this plan. This was just… Roy swallowed hard and hurried up.

He quickly went about peeling leather away from tanned skin until it was hindered by Roy’s own body and the spread legs beneath him.  Roy didn´t dare to look down, afraid he might not be able to stop himself if he did.  He had never before been tempted to touch an aroused man, at least not while sober. But this was different, Roy was different, and he knew he wouldn´t be able to hold back if he looked down and saw the man’s erection, knowing he was responsible for it.

He knew when Ed’s hardness was freed from its leather cage when the man bit back a moan.  Roy quickly leaned down to distract himself from all the things he wanted to do, all the things he himself enjoyed, all the thing he wanted to see Ed’s reaction to.  He had to stick to his plan.  Roy aimed once again for the slight curve between neck and shoulder and bit down, using his own weight to push the other man flat to the table. Ed’s breath stopped for a moment and the fingers on Roy’s back pressed against his skin, while his legs shifted a bit. The stretched leather so close to his groin had to be uncomfortable, but Edward didn’t complain when the Colonel started to rock his hips forward.  Roy continued to suck hard on the skin beneath his lips as a wave of pleasure hit him. The general was still caged, still hidden beneath layers of clothing, but damn, it still felt good.   For Roy the friction was muted by both his trousers and underwear, but Ed got it full force. The young man threw his head back, and the nails of Ed’s left hand bit into Roy’s skin.


The suppressed sound was followed by heavy panting, and the legs against Roy’s thighs once again shifted as hips tried to thrust up, but the Colonel didn´t allow Ed enough space to move. For a moment he wondered why the younger man was trying so hard to not let any loud sounds slip, but then he remembered where they were.  Another two unconsidered points in Roy’s favor, because for one, Ed would have to concentrate on being silent and thus have fewer resources left to fight him, and two, it was a hell of a lot easier for Roy to control of himself when he did not have to listen to those delicious moans.

Roy’s lips let go of the abused skin as he started once again to slowly rock against the man underneath him, doing his best to let the rough cotton of his trousers brush against the cock he could feel twitching in response. Ed’s hands wandered lower to grope his ass again, but this time the blond did it to urge Roy on, to prompt him to move faster and to put more force into his movements.  Roy ignored him.  There was no way he could handle any more than this and still be able to break it off before it was too late.  As it was, he still had to stop a few times to get a grip on himself when the painful hardness trapped in his pants became too much to bear and the urge to just fuck the man became almost overwhelming. 

Ed offered an almost soundless whimper when Roy paused once more, but the Colonel knew he couldn´t give the man a break, despite the fact that he himself desperately needed one. So he let one hand wander over scared skin, closer to the automail port.  Roy never had anyone in his bed who’d had a complete limb replacement – and who had an already very sensitive body part so close to the automail port.


Damn, but Edward had extremely good reflexes. The moment Roy felt the nipple beneath his fingers, Ed’s metallic hand clamped over his own mouth to dampen the scream.  The young man’s body arched up once again, seeking more, harder, now - in vain. There was a metallic snap and something hit the floor as Ed’s left leg lost its support.  The handle of one of the drawers probably needed to be replaced.  Like Roy gave a fuck.

Damn the bet for not allowing him to use his teeth or tongue. He’d love to pin Ed’s wrists to the desk and hear him cry out as he licked and bit the now hardened flesh. Oh god, he wanted to hear him. Fuck it, he wanted to see how much the man could take. Roy himself was hard as rock and god, he needed it. He needed it badly – but Ed definitely had it worse, and Roy didn´t give a shit anymore, so he just went for it.  He forced the automail hand away from Ed’s mouth and pinned it to the wooden surface.  The resistance against this melted away when the Colonel’s hips rocked back against the younger man’s naked erection, no longer soft and slow, but forcefully and hard and faster with each thrust. The body beneath him shivered and the legs shifted, but there was little Ed could do other than bite his lower lip in an attempt to muffle the moans and try to move against the cotton clad hardness rubbing against his sensitive arousal.

Roy closed his eyes, lost in the sensation and the quiet, needy sounds Ed tried to suppress. God, it felt so fucking good to move like this. To give the general the much needed friction, even trapped behind layers of cloth. He could feel himself getting closer and licked the sweat salted skin below his lips when he felt the body beneath him start to shiver and writhe.

“Roy…” The soft spoken whisper against his ear, hoarse and filled with lust almost ruined his fun and his underwear, but when Ed quietly demanded he move faster, it was a much needed reminder about exactly why Roy was taking this risk.

The older man had no idea just where he had buried that tiny bit of self restraint he needed to stop himself from dry humping them both into orgasm, but it didn´t matter. It was there, and he stopped, and the frustrated sound that slipped through Ed’s lips was delicious. Oh yes, Roy still wanted to fuck him.

But he had a bet to win and a lesson to teach.

“Fucking Basta-ah.”

Ed bit back the silent curse and the moan it would have turned into when Roy thrust his hips forward. The hand pressed to Roy’s back tried to sneak between their bodies, either so Ed could finish himself off or to coax the Colonel into continuing, but the Flame Alchemist quickly reached for that wrist and pressed it against polished wood beside its metal opposite. Ed cursed him and tried to wring out of the grip, but Roy moved his hard bulge against Ed’s painfully hard dick and the resistance melted away. Oh yes, Edward was definitely close to orgasm.

And Roy felt like a proper bastard for maneuvering the man into a situation similar to the one he had been in the previous evening, but he felt like a smug bastard, because that was the whole point of this exercise. He looked down into Ed’s flushed and sweaty face. Lust and desire were still visible, but so were frustration and anger at being denied so close to orgasm.  Roy couldn´t resist kissing the swollen lips and Ed returned the kiss, but bit into Roy’s lower lip much harder than necessary. The sharp wave of pain went straight to the general, flaring up the arousal and desire, and Roy almost started to move again before he reminded himself to stop.

“Want me to fuck you?” Roy whispered hoarsely against the younger man’s lips.

Ed’s face was already flushed, but the color deepened, and Roy could feel the hardness pressing against him twitch in response. Ed bit his lips and stared up at him, clearly trying to decide whether to kiss or kill him.  Roy felt a smug grin spread on his lips and leaned down to suck on the skin just beneath Ed’s ear before he continued to whisper into it.

“Want to come?” he asked. 

Just for emphasis, Roy rolled his hips again, slowly, letting Ed feel every damn inch of rough cotton rub against his hardness. It earned him a breathless pant.  Edward shrugged against his hold again, but the man was far too lost in pleasure to make a concerted effort to get free.  Roy’s agonizingly slow movements brought the blond to the brink of orgasm without being enough to tip him over.

Roy was still hard, but now he felt an entirely different kind of rush, brought on by the knowledge that the other man was at his mercy and god, he wished he could drag this out, reduce Ed to a needy mess and then take him right here.  But he couldn´t do that.  Right now Roy had other plans. Once again he stopped rocking against Ed, and this time it earned him a quiet whine.

“Roy.”  Needy and pleading. 

The boost to Roy’s ego almost caused him to lose it, but he clamped down hard on his control and held off. 

“That´s not an answer,” the Colonel murmured into his captive’s ear.

It gave him a good bit of sadistic glee when Ed stifled a frustrated sob. It took him a few moments, but finally Ed nodded.  Not enough.  Roy rocked forward again, slowly.  Roy’s point made clear, the young man beneath him moaned softly and answered.

“You fucki- Yes.” Ed interrupted himself when the man leaning over him nipped on his bruised neck. Roy could see the effort it took Ed to admit it, but he better get used to it, because Roy planned to get another admission out of him.

“Too bad we can´t do that.”  And Roy really meant it. If there was one thing he wanted to do right now it was fuck the man, watch that beautiful face when the Ed lost himself.

The glare he received was full of anger and desire, and Roy knew if they could fuck right now, it would be angry sex, full of passion, and violence, and it would be mind blowing.  Roy’s control wavered again and the desire washed over him full force.  He couldn´t resist it, so he leaned down and kissed the man, claimed his mouth, keeping the blond at bay by rubbing his own aching hardness against the man beneath him. Ed moaned again, the sound muffled against Roy’s lips as the Colonel once again brought both of them closer to relief. He broke the kiss, panting and watching golden eyes losing their focus. Then they closed. The body beneath him started to tremble, and Roy knew the younger man was as close to the edge as he could be, on the very brink of release.

And Roy stopped all movement.

This time, Edward did cry out. The sound was far beyond frustrated, but Roy only stared down at him.

“Look at me,” he demanded.

“Fuck you!” Amazingly, Ed was still able to precisely form the two words, but Edward Elric would probably always be able to get these two particular words out no matter the situation. At least, this time they were fitting. And yes, Roy wanted to do that. But couldn’t.

“Look at me,” Roy repeated, using his own weight to press the wriggling body down.

Without being able to move, Ed let out a needy sob and stilled before he finally looked into Roy’s face.

“Like it?” Roy asked, and Ed cursed violently. “Should I leave you like this until you calm down?  Like you did to me last night in your kitchen?”

Roy’s suggestion effectively stopped the blond’s colorful outburst. Looking into eyes that were full of so many emotions that Roy couldn´t even begin to try and read them, the Colonel spoke quietly but firmly, his voice was full of dark promise.

“If you ever dare to leave me in a state like that again, because you’re afraid of what Al or anybody else might think …” Roy noted the realization dawning on Ed’s face. “The moment I get you alone, I will fuck you.” He rocked hard against the unquestionably painful hardness Ed was sporting, and the younger man bit his lips to suppress any sounds.  “Hard…” Roy moved again, to give Ed a taste of what awaited him. “… and fast.” Thrusting again. The movement forceful and demanding. Ed moaned, no longer able to muffle the sound. Roy stopped and waited until Ed was able to look at him again. “And when I´m done with you, Al and everybody else will know exactly what we did just by watching you walk, or sit down.  If you can manage to sit down.”

Roy looked into a face full of lust, and he could see Edward was shocked.  Not at Roy’s behavior, but by the fact that this obviously turned him on.  Roy knew it did, he had felt the hardness pressed against him twitch in anticipation with ever word he’d said.  “Is that clear?” he asked, practically purring the words against Ed’s lips in smug satisfaction.

After a few moments, Ed slowly nodded.  “Yes,” he said, and the fact that a verbal agreement didn’t have to be forced told Roy that Ed got it.

Satisfied with the result, the Colonel straightened himself, though he didn´t let go of Ed’s wrists.  He still wasn’t sure if Ed might hit him if he did.  Instead, he pulled the blonde into a sitting positing, forcing the arms behind his back where the angle would give Ed a disadvantage. The blond snarled at him and tried to wriggle free, but Roy only pulled him closer until the blond was sitting on the edge of the desk.   

“Let go.” Ed demanded.

“I would. But I know how much of a brat you can be whenever someone is teaching you a lesson, so-“

“I hate you.” Edward interrupted with a voice full of loathing and Roy instantly smirked.

“No, my love, you don’t.” He purred against the kiss swollen lips, feeling downright egotistic over his successful teaching techniques. Then he quickly tilted his head back when the young man attempted to bite him.

“As I was saying. You can be quite the brat when someone is teaching you a lesson, so I want to make sure you will behave yourself before I let you go.”

Ed looked ready to murder him.  Then he took a deep breath.  “Fine.”

“Fine what?”

“Fine, I won´t hit you.”

“Or bite me.”

“… yes.” It appeared that Ed had considered it.

“No throwing things.” Roy remembered the mug.

“Yeah, now let go.” Ed started to sound even more pissed.

“And no alchemy.”

“I said let go, Bastard. I won´t hurt you, but if you say one more word, I’ll think it might be worth breaking a promise just to break your face.”

Roy chuckled and released Ed’s arms. Just to be safe, he quickly moved a few steps back, keeping a careful eye on the blond.  And damn, Ed really was gorgeous when he was angry.  Even more so when he was angry and aroused.  Roy noted that he was not exactly large, but he wasn´t small either. The proportions fit with the rest of the body very nicely.

Trying to calm himself, the Colonel ignored his own demanding body.

“You should know that I won´t fuck you in front of your brother, Ed,” Roy told him, “and as for Al, he already knows there is more between us than innocent kisses. He doesn´t care that you´re into guys, and he is sure as hell enough of an adult to deal with this.”

The young man carefully moved down from the desk, hissing silently as he straightened up. Ed looked down and bit his lips before he looked to Roy, blushing furiously and darkening the flush still covering his cheeks. The Colonel’s gaze went down and he made a show of leering, successfully deepening Ed’s blush.

“Sadly, I have an appointment after lunch, which is over in-“ Roy took a deep breath and looked over at the clock. “-which is over already, actually.” Then he glanced at the blond. No chance Ed was going to fit that into his trousers again, not in this state, and especially not into those pants. “I have to go, but feel free to stay a bit longer.” Then he stepped in close and tilted Ed’s chin up. The man had lost his anger and now seemed to be embarrassed. “There are some tissues in the second drawer,” Roy  informed him.  Golden eyes widened while the blond invented a completely new color of red. “Think of me, will you?”

He quickly pressed a quick goodbye kiss to the blond man’s lips before making a bee-line for the door, Ed’s stunned glaze following him. Roy unlocked the door and turned around one more time.

“I´ll let the staff know to not enter,” he informed Ed before slipping out of the room, and heard Ed’s quiet curse when he realized that lunch break’s end also meant that the outer office was occupied again.

Part 3

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