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Chapter 31: Unusual Behavior

The moment Roy stepped into Hughes’ office, he knew the man had been listening in on his conversation with Ed.  He watched Roy enter the room with the intensity of a predator on the hunt, and his lazy smirk did nothing to temper it.  Roy sighed. That´s what he got for discussing private matters where his best friend could so easily overhear.  He instantly regretted leaving his gloves in his office, but they had understandably been the last thing on his mind while walking out on an aroused Edward. And part of his brain still insisted that the last six words of that sentence clearly were one big, fucked up mistake. Damn. He knew he had taken off his gloves at some point during their make out session, but he’d only really noticed their absence when stripping for his medical.

“A date, huh?” Hughes leaned back to observe. Roy suddenly felt like a crime suspect.

“What about it?” It´s not like he didn´t date on a regular basis.

“And Al knows about your… relationship with Ed?”

Roy’s eyes narrowed at the contemplative tone his friend was using.  “It´s not a relationship,” he corrected automatically, and instantly wondered just what it was. Again.

“So, Al knows you plan to sleep with his brother and then…?” Leaving the sentence unfinished, Hughes looked at him expectantly. The Colonel took a deep breath.

“I don´t see how anything I do or don´t do with Ed is any of your business.  As long as I don´t break my part of the bet.  And I haven’t,” Roy blocked.

“You don´t date men. And you never put any effort into dating, period. More than just dinner means you’re planning something.  Which you never do when all you want is sex,” Maes countered. “What brought on this change?”

“And you don´t pry into my dating habits. This date is not about sex, so it has nothing to do with the bet.  And is therefore none of your business.”

“Not about sex?” Hughes shot back instantly, and the Colonel felt like cursing.  “In that case, what exactly is it about?”

It was time to get Hughes off this topic.  “Why didn´t you tell me you offered Edward a job?”

“He hasn’t accepted it.”  Yet. Hughes didn´t say it, but he didn´t have to. “You’ve never shown any interest in who was hired by Investigations before.  Suddenly you are.  Because it´s Ed?”

“Maybe it’s because you seem to have something other than a simple job offer on your agenda,” Roy told him with a level glare. 

Hughes fell silent for a few moments before he made a gesture toward the chair in front of his desk. The Colonel glare did not ease but he complied.

For a few moments, they looked at each other. Then Roy snorted amused and Hughes smiled.

“We´re acting like idiots.” Roy informed his friend, and Maes nodded.  “This bet is fucking us up.”

“I know.” The Lieutenant Colonel’s his smile suddenly appeared agonized and he pointed at something on his desk. “Uhm… could you?”

Curious, the Colonel leant forward picked up the glossy cube to read the note on top.  Again, he let out an amused sound.

“Ed certainly hit you where it counts,” Roy said thoughtfully, noting Hughes’ nervousness.  His friend probably wondered if Roy was about to do the same, and hoping that since Roy had to draw a transmutation circle, Maes might have time to prevent further damage to his precious photos.  Of course the Lieutenant Colonel would have to know what the circle was designed to do, and that wasn’t very likely.  Roy examined Ed’s handiwork.  The cube was seamless, and perfectly proportioned.  “Almost a shame to ruin it.” Mustang murmured, before he picked up a pen from the desk.

“Almost . . . ?! Those are pictures of Elysia!” The man next to him cried out, getting a wicked grin in return.

“I meant the fused result, not the original pictures,” Roy clarified, and the Investigations Officer sputtered scandalized.

“So, what is on your agenda?” The Flame Alchemist asked as he quickly sketched out an array.  

“Not much, actually,” Maes began.  He ignored his friends disbelieving glance and continued.  “I just got wind of some proposed policy changes and I think it might be a good idea to have a former State Alchemist on hand if these changes come to pass.  Don´t worry, you´ll be the first one I contact as soon as I get confirmation.”

“And what are these policy changes?” The Colonel questioned.  It seemed that Maes wasn’t being as underhanded as Roy thought.  Not for the first time the alchemist wondered how a simple bet could have such a bad influence on their relationship, but then he shoved that thought aside. A bet couldn’t make them enemies.  He should really stop acting like a fool and trust Hughes, just as he always had. When the man didn´t deem information important enough to tell him, then it most likely wasn’t.

Hughes shrugged.  “Maybe you’re right and I should have told you sooner, but from what I’ve heard, some Generals are not happy with the way the State Alchemist program is currently handled.”

Roy grimaced. That was nothing new.

Maes continued.  “It appears that they plan to do something about it, but I don’t have any details beyond the fact that they want some kind of supervision and information pool in place.”

Now, that was new. “Supervision?  How could they implement something like that?”  Mustang decided to dig a bit further but obviously, his friend didn´t know much more about it.

“Beats me. I`m not sure exactly what the higher brass have in mind, but I`ll find out.  I’m surprised that this hasn’t come up sooner.  We’ve had more than just a few incidents with State Alchemists over the years.  They desert, or secretly do extensive research in prohibited fields, or both.  The Generals are pretty pissed over endangering loyal State Alchemists to hunt down the renegades, and the lack of information on what exactly the deserters were researching makes it even more dangerous.  Progress reports every six months with concrete results every two years to guarantee recertification is not enough.  The Brass wants more control.”

“It’s worse that they realize.  The progress reports and research documents are usually missing critical information,” Roy said. 

Which was an open secret.   All alchemists, but particularly State Alchemists, were very careful when it came to letting others in on their best weapons and achievements. By rough estimate, all publications were at least one year behind the actual research.  Then there were the researchers who falsified results and misreported findings in order to gain an advance, or outright hide what they were really researching.  Often these scientists had other alchemists or higher ranked officers as their accomplices, covering for them.  Information was power, and this particular source of power was volatile and almost completely unregulated.  And the military did not like that.

“If they really are planning to supervise their alchemists…” Mustang mused, his mind already running with the possibilities and dangers of such a position.

“I´d rather have someone we trust overseeing that program.” Hughes agreed.  “But they seem to be stuck on agreeing to a suitable candidate.”

Nodding slightly, the Flame Alchemist saw the problem.  “They can´t use just anyone for this.   For one thing, the State Alchemist Division is one of the military’s strongest resources.  This new policy is bound to cause a lot of dissention within their ranks.  The head supervisor would have to be someone they can respect.  The Brass can’t use someone who is State Certified right now either, as it would defeat the intended purpose, but they do need an alchemist knowledgeable enough to be able to understand what the best alchemists in the country are doing.  And until they find that person, the Generals’ plans are at a standstill.  The person in charge would have to be in on the design of the program itself.” 

“Exactly,” Maes said.  “Right now everything is up in the air.  I´ll inform you as soon as I know more.”

Roy nodded agreeing, then frowned.  “What do your plans for Ed have to do with this?”

“Hm?” Hughes looked up. “Oh.  Nothing.  I just want to keep every option available, just in case.  I offered him the job because I thought it would do him some good to settle down for a while. It looked like he was going to accept my offer, but now he appears unwilling to take the position.”

Unwilling?  Did that mean Ed wanted to accept the other job offer?  No way in fucking hell!  Biting his lip, Roy wondered what could have changed Edward’s mind. After lunch he had seemed to be agreeable to staying in Central.  So either Roy had read his reactions wrong – or something had happened while Roy was with Doctor Streng.  He had to investigate this further if Ed seemed likely to take the other job.  If Ed decided to move away… he would first have to get past Roy Mustang’s formidable powers of persuasion.  It looked like Roy had something else to do tomorrow.

Right now however, he needed to focus on Maes.

This immediately reminded Roy that his meddlesome friend had been out to dinner with Edward to make his job offer.  In his typical inquisitive fashion, had he perhaps pried into Edward’s private life as well?  The Colonel couldn’t help but wonder what Maes had found out, particularly about that plural Ed used when he’d mentioned former lovers.  Roy now knew the blonde´s first had been in that other world, but there had to be at least another one.  Since Roy didn´t think Edward Elric would cheat on his first lover, the possibility that the other was Amestrian was fairly high.  But asking Hughes about it?  The man was already too suspicious as it was when it came to Roy’s ‘relationship’ with Ed.

Roy took the safe road.  “If you want to keep him in Central, you better get busy persuading him to stay,” he said.  “I know he has at least one other out of town job offer.”

Roy finally transmuted the block back into individual pictures.  With an actual cry of joy, Maes hugged the photos to his chest before proceeding to go through them with the usual amount of fawning and worshipping.  Mustang watched, shaking his head, as his best friend cuddled and kissed the photographs, and wondered if the chemicals used to develop photos might cause permanent brain damage.  Then he took the opportunity to flee before the man decided to ask any more questions.

Like where exactly Roy’s famous gloves were.


The first thing the Flame Alchemist did upon returning to his office was to look for his gloves.  When he stepped into his office, everything was exactly how he left it, paperwork and all, except for two things: the lack of a certain blond alchemist - not surprising – and his gloves were missing as well. Frowning, the Colonel searched the floor around and under his desk.  He found the handle Ed had broken off the third drawer, but no gloves.

Roy went back to the outer office and proceeded to interrogate his staff.  No one had entered his office while he had been away, and they all assured him that the outer office had been occupied the entire time since they had returned from lunch.  There was no way anyone could have entered the office without being noticed, so his gloves should still be there. For a moment, Roy suspected that Havoc, Hughes, or Hawkeye might have taken them, maybe as part of a plan to once again cheat their way to a win on the bet. But on the other hand, he couldn´t see Hawkeye taking his gloves to the shooting range with her. It would leave him without protection, and bet or no bet, she would not do that. That left Havoc or Hughes.  Roy had just left Hughes, and he was pretty sure he would have mentioned something if he had them, for much the same reason as Hawkeye.  Maes had never been Roy’s enemy, and after everything that had happened, he was grateful he never would be.  This bet was certainly messing with their friendship, but all in all it was still just a friendly competition.  Roy had no desire to find out what the man would be like if they weren’t friends.  Havoc… well, it was a possibility, but once again, Roy couldn´t picture the blond Lieutenant hatching any schemes that involved his gloves or the need to separate Roy from his weapon.  Well, except if the man had done something to earn Roy’s wrath, but it was still unlikely.

Roy once again searched the surroundings of his desk, this time more thoroughly, and had to smile when he found Ed’s hair tie hidden between two stacks of paperwork.


Right.  There was another person who could have taken his gloves.

The Colonel sat down in his chair and thought about the blond while his fingers thoughtlessly played with the tie. Now, what reason could the younger alchemist have to take his gloves?  Perhaps for something to do with their research? But surely Ed could have waited until tomorrow to ask for them.  And to be honest, Ed might be a genius when it came to alchemy, but Roy doubted the man would had been thinking about their research while he was -

Roy’s finger stopped playing with the soft band in his hand just as his thoughts also came to a grinding halt.

No.  Ed didn’t do ... that… did he?

The gaze of the dark eyes shifted to the second drawer.

Well, he had told Edward to do that.  And the blond alchemist had been painfully aroused, and needy, and -

His gloves were missing.

Roy leaned back and tried to calm himself.  Well, he had told Ed to think about him.  The Colonel thought of Ed stroking himself, wearing Roy’s gloves. Most likely imagining Roy doing the things Ed was doing to himself.

The Colonel didn´t have to look down to know he had a sizable tent in his trousers.  Again.



He was one stack into the huge amount of paperwork and to his staff’s amazement, the Colonel was plowing thorough it, trying to get it finished. He had a date to plan and not much time to do so. Staying late just for the sake of finishing that annoying paperwork was not worth it. So Roy worked. 

Havoc checked in on him every half an hour, feeling like this was some kind of twisted parallel world. And of course, he suspected the bet was somehow responsible. In his eyes it was obvious that Mustang was trying to distract himself again, but he didn’t dare ask just what could have happened.  It was almost a shame the man was getting the distraction he so clearly wanted.

Just as Hawkeye had planned, Maria Ross arrived mid-afternoon bearing more paperwork.  Denny Brosh accompanied her, since there was definitely too much for one person to carry.  

Havoc winced and Breda’s eyes went wide.  Even Vato blinked in surprise.

But that was nothing compared to Mustang’s reaction.

It had been a while since they had heard the man curse like that. And then he became dangerously quiet.

“No.”  The Colonel’s eyes were numbingly cold.

“Sir, we -“ Maria began but she was immediately interrupted.

“No! Get lost!” The amount of venom in her superior’s voice was remarkable.  

“-under orders-“ the woman continued, ignoring the interruption.

The eavesdropping staff heard the sourly muttered, “I have a date to plan and no time for this.”

Instantly, Roy’s staff exchanged glances. This situation wasn’t anything new. Well, usually it was Hawkeye who argued with their superior, but still. They had heard this many times before.  Now however, there was in fact something unusual about this.  It was Havoc who said it.

“I thought he was uhm… what exactly is that he does with Ed?” It was clear the two men had not slept with each other, but for the first time they all wondered just what was going on between them.

“Dating?” Kain guessed.

“Not until now,” Vato answered. “According to our intelligence, they have not yet had an official date.”

“And now he wants to date Ed?” Havoc questioned.  “I thought Mustang only dated to get someone into bed.  So why would he date Ed now? Shouldn´t he have done that before?”

“Before what?  Nothing… not much happened.” Kain pointed out, blushing, but apparently getting slowly used to all the talk about sexual intercourse between men.

Breda  frowned, then another idea seemed to dawn him. “Maybe it´s not Ed he´s planning to date. I mean… don´t you think it´s strange he doesn´t date anyone else?” he asked.

“I thought he only went out with Ed because of the bet.” Havoc said, confusion slowly taking over.

“I thought those hadn´t been dates.” Fuery said, his voice betraying his bewilderment.

 “So why is he planning a date?” Falman asked.

“Why is he seeing Ed because of the bet?  I thought he wanted to fuck him.” Breda reminded them all.

The men looked at each other, for once at a loss for words and with no clue about just what exactly was going on.

Maria Ross, on the other hand, was still in the line of fire.  “My orders are from First Lieutenant Hawkeye, Sir,” the woman continued, unimpressed that the man in front of her had personal plans for the evening.  Mustang looked at her sharply.  “She asked to be called should I encounter any problems.”   

“She said she would cancel her shooting practice at the range to come over here.” Denny added and all three of them knew that the woman would still get her practice.  Just not at the shooting range. And she would be particularly angry at being called away from her beloved range.

Growling, Roy knew this was payback for his extended lunch break. He stared at the paperwork like it was the most disgusting thing on the earth. Stacks like these made him question just why he hadn´t chosen a different profession.  Assassin maybe. Assassinating Bradley would have done the country a lot of good, and would certainly have involved less deskwork.  Probably paid better too.   Unfortunately, killing one idiot Führer after another would never solve Amestris’ problems.  No, deeper changes had to be made, and that could only be done from within.

“I should have stayed in the Briggs mountains,” the Colonel grumbled.

Lieutenant Brosh actually chuckled. 

“But then we could never hope to see the miniskirts again when they become part of the standard uniform, Sir.” It was a poor attempt to cheer Roy up. Actually, considering the situation, it was a shitty one too. And from the look his partner sent him, Brosh would have gotten an elbow into his ribs if it weren´t for the files Ross was carrying. But somehow Roy doubted it was because she felt any sympathy for his situation.

 “Leather pants.” Roy muttered, watching the huge stacks being placed on his desk next to the unfinished ones. At this rate, he would have to stay late into the night. Damn.

“Sir?” Denny Brosh asked, clearly wondering if he heard the Colonel right.

“I said ‘leather pants’, Lieutenant.” The Colonel repeated himself. Despite his misery, Roy felt himself leering when he thought about the display he had been able to enjoy at lunch. “As part of the standard uniform.”  Both Brosh and Ross stared at him, and he added. “For the males.”

Roy still wasn’t completely comfortable with Maes’ idea of getting Edward to rejoin the military, but if he did support it, he would make sure that particular dress code would apply to consultants as well.

When what Roy was suggesting finally sank in, Brosh let out a horrified sound and his jaw went slack.  Maria Ross’ eyes were wide, and Roy could literally see the memory of Ed’s ass back in the reception hall running through her mind. Then she blushed and cleared her throat.

And picked up one of the stacks.

What the…?

She shoved the large stack of papers into her partner’s arms, while she explained.  “Actually, I think Colonel Egal down the hall is authorized to sign off on these files as well. I´m sure Lieutenant Hawkeye won´t mind two people working on them.  The paperwork gets done faster that way. “

Roy was speechless.  All he could do was sit there and stare.  They were actually gathering up unfinished paperwork.  They were going to carry out of his office and annoy someone else with it.

Denny Brosh was not moving, so his partner pushed him in the direction of the door.

Roy looked at their backs, then at the second stack they had left.  “Take this as well.” He was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth – but that didn´t mean he couldn´t try and get more out of it. Audacity could get you a lot of things and it definitely was worth a try.

“We are very supportive of your goals, Sir,” Maria Ross said apologetically, “but not suicidal. Leaving paperwork for you was Lieutenant Hawkeye’s order.  And we have done so.” Then they left the office.

Well, that actually made sense. No point in supporting the new dress code if you never got to enjoy seeing it.  At least it was one less stack.  Roy stared at the paperwork.

Somehow, the situation felt surreal.

Roy finally decided that he should have discovered his sexual interest in males much sooner.  


One and a half hours after the official end of his work day, Roy leaned back from his desk and groaned. He knew it was impossible, but he still would be willing to swear on his life that the papers were breeding. There was simply no other explanation. Well, admittedly, he had spent quite a bit of time thinking about what had happened on this desk earlier that day.  In fact, every time he placed a folder on the pile of finished documents, he stared for a moment at the blank surface of his desk. Where Ed had been sitting, with Roy between his legs. Where the blond had lay on his back wanting him to… Roy groaned. Damn his ego. The whole scenario had to come back and bite him in his ass.

Thinking about where to take Ed on their date tomorrow probably took a tiny part in his slow progress as well, but at least he had decided on a location. He was quite curious to discover what the blond would think of his plans.

Feeling the need to move, Roy stood up to open the window. Fresh, cool air swept into the room as he gazed outside. He could see twilight approaching, thought the sinking sun was hidden from his view by the surrounding high buildings.

The decision on where to take Ed had been more or less spontaneous. It was certainly not a place Roy would have taken most of his dates, and he knew that no matter who he might take there, they wouldn´t react the way Edward would.  Roy also looked eagerly forward to getting Edward accustomed to public displays of affection.  Roy wasn’t foolish enough to attempt to publicly molest the younger man - he didn´t think he would survive that. But it would be fun to see how Edward dealt with everything Roy could come up with to ‘out’ them without being too obvious. The Colonel had no desire to hold back from showing off his soon to be lover.

He really couldn´t wait.

“Shouldn´t you be working, Sir?”

Roy barely managed to suppress his flinch, then turned around to see Riza Hawkeye standing behind him. He hadn´t even noticed her coming in, or stepping up so close behind him. The disapproving frown on the First Lieutenant’s face was a clear sign that she was aware of that, too.  But there was something else in her expression.  Careful scrutiny.  The Hawk was staring at her superior as if she wanted to read his every thought.

“Just getting some fresh air,” he replied.  She didn´t answer, but one blond eyebrow arched up.

The Colonel sighed and returned to his desk.

“Shouldn´t you have left the office already, Lieutenant?” he wanted to know as he took his seat. When he didn´t receive an answer, he grimaced. Obviously, she wanted to verify that Ross had followed her order. Sourly, he picked up a file off the unfinished stack. Hawkeye’s silent company slowly began to unnerve him and when he looked up questioningly, he found her still observing him in that same, considering way.

“What were you thinking about just now, Roy?”

The sudden change from title to first name was a little disconcerting, and possibly the reason why he answered honestly, albeit vaguely.

“If you really want to know, I have a date tomorrow.” He expected another disapproving glare, and perhaps a reprimand that he should take care of his work before his love life. Instead, she took a seat in the couch.

“I assume it´s Ed you’ve asked out?”

This really was irritating.  “Why?  Do you and Hughes want to send another spy?” The bet was his first and doubtless best guess to explain Hawkeye’s odd behavior. Strangely enough, he could see the corner of her mouth lifting slightly.

“Why did you do it?” she asked quietly.

“Why did I do what?” He had expected her to ask for the location, not the reason.

“Ask him out.”

Of course he sent her a smirk.  “I´m sure you are aware of the procedure, Lieutenant,” the Colonel said, stalling for more time to figure out her motives.

“Sir, I am aware of your procedure, though it’s not identical to mine. Not all of us use dates exclusively as a prelude to sexual intercourse.” She leaned forward. “So, why do you want to date Edward?  The bet is still on, so it´s not for sex.”

Roy chose not to grace her with an answer. Both of them knew he was determined to win the bet. Hawkeye stared a few more seconds at him and then leaned back against the couch cushions.

“You are aware that this could be interpreted as you’re having other interests in Edward than just sexual ones?”

“I do have other interests in him than just sexual ones,” Roy replied casually.

It was nice to see that even Hawkeye could lose her stoic face. The Colonel smiled.

“He´s an exceptional alchemist and his opinion is very beneficial for my research,” he clarified, the smile turning into a smirk.

Now the woman glared at him.  “You don´t date research partners either, Sir,” she said, her voice having lost the warmth it had before.

Roy sighed and no longer tried to pretend to work. He let the pen drop on the desk and ran his fingers through the dark strands.  “I know,” he said with a groan. He would have preferred not to think about this.

“Then why are you dating him?” Riza asked, her voice softening now that he had finally given in and was no longer fighting the discussion. “I can´t see you deliberately leading him on.”

“I´m not,” he instantly insisted, and surprisingly, he didn´t feel any guilt about his behavior. He had expected his conscience to nag him about giving Ed false impressions, but now he wasn’t even sure what his true intentions were anymore. “I just...” he hesitated for a moment.  Riza was, after all, betting against him.  But she was also a trusted friend, and at that moment, she didn´t appear to be fishing for ammunition.  “I just want to date him,” he said.

“You want to spend some time with him.” Riza breathed.

At her awed look, Roy just shrugged and dropped his gaze to the file in front of him. He could feel his cheeks heating up, for no apparent reason.  This was not that big a deal.  He dated all the time.

The Colonel stared at the printed page for a few moments before Riza spoke again.

“So, where are you taking him?” the woman wanted to know, and Roy looked up. For once, she had let down her professional mask and he could see the frank curiosity.

“I’m still planning.” he said, although he already knew where he wanted to take the blond.   “Someplace casual.  Nothing too fancy. Ed won´t be comfortable if it’s somewhere expensive and stiff.  A place with good desserts.”  Most of Roy’s dates actually went for tiny desserts, if any, so he usually didn´t pay much attention to that. “And good wine.” Oh, good wine was definitely a must. Roy looked forward to walking a tipsy and relaxed Ed home.

“Roy, you´re spacing out,” Riza informed him, and he blinked when he remembered that the woman was present.  She stood up.  “Go home,” she told him.

“Lieutenant?” He stared at her. Did she really just tell him to leave? He looked at the unfinished mountains of paperwork. Then at the female officer.

“You’re far too tired to complete these reports properly, Sir,” she said, her tone screaming ‘excuse’ like a pink crop top combined with a pale violet silk scarf on a man screamed ‘gay’.

What the-?  Maybe this was not really happening.  First Ross and Brosh had carried unfinished paperwork out of his office, and now Riza Hawkeye was telling him to leave the rest of it unfinished and go home? It wasn´t even midnight!  The Hawk had never had any qualms about making him pull all-nighters to get the paperwork finished.  And now she was giving him a pathetic excuse to leave?  He had to be dreaming. He had returned from Doctor Stern’s office and fallen asleep at his desk. That had to be it.

“And I believe you have a date to plan as well, Sir.” The amusement in Riza’s voice came as close to an actual laugh as Roy had ever heard from her in the office.

Well, if this was a dream, he might as well take advantage of it and end the paperwork nightmare. Maybe he should hit on Riza?  He was curious to see what his subconscious would come up with for her reaction. One look at her face, however, and he knew that even in his dreams, he would never dare to hit on Riza Hawkeye.

But he sure as hell dared to leave the damn paperwork in a hurry.

It still felt strange when he wished her a goodnight and all she did was return it and leave.


Day 20

Unfortunately, the start of the next day was awful at best.  Roy’s subconscious, seemingly his ally yesterday, turned on him almost as soon as his face hit the pillow that night.

The night was… chaotic, to put it mildly.  Roy woke up more than a few times during the night aroused and erected, and each time it took him longer to fight down the hold his half remembered dreams had on him.   Dreams that were a constant shifting of scene and situation, leaving him with only the impressions of what his mind pulled out for him.  Hot bodies, soft lips.  Male, female.  He could feel hands stroking his body, could hear the shuddering breath in his ear, the moans.  Women screaming, manly groaning. Soft hands with long nails, rough hands with strong grips. He recognized them as past encounters, knowing that he had slept with two men as well as uncountable women.  Faint images, sounds, smells, tastes he barely recalled.  He dreamed of sex in its rawest form.

The first time he woke up, his body felt hot and restless.  He lay back and ruthlessly willed it away, finally falling back to sleep.

To eager kisses, glimpses of a tanned man with brown-green eyes who tasted of alcohol and smiled in satisfaction as he pushed Roy against a door.  Military shirt open, his cadet jacket nowhere to be seen, the dark haired man laughed breathlessly when his neck was attacked and Roy’s hand slipped into his open pants.  A lust roughened voice claiming to have known Roy was not as straight as he claimed, words interrupted by a moan as Roy gripped his prize.  The groan as the man arched up and buried his fingers in Roy’s hair.

Roy woke again with a slight erection, arousal pulsing through his body. But it was all right, he was used to that by now. He knew how to relax himself.  He did.  Sleep returned.

Blond hair fanned on his desk. Golden eyes dark with desire. Mismatched hands on his back as Ed tried to thrust up. Suppressed moans and passionate kisses. Strong, leather clad thighs pressed against his hips suddenly naked, Roy’s hands buried in a soft bath robe, his lips tasting wet skin, hot breath panting against his throat.

Roy woke this time with a tent in his pajamas and frustration building up inside him. He tried to calm himself, but it wasn´t easy. He closed his eyes and took deep, even breaths. Roy didn´t even notice when he fell back asleep.

And his hands were bound over his head by transmuted clothes, hair tickling his chest as the younger man kissed his way down his body, getting closer to where his lips were so desperately needed.

Brown-green eyes, glazed over from alcohol. A hand slipping into Roy’s pants, the man’s lips drawing into a smirk at what he found there. 

“Let´s go,” he said, voice rough. Roy took another swig from the bottle before he pulled the man down.  The brunette kissed like air was not needed, the hand on Roy’s dick stroking him to willingness.  His cock didn´t give a damn that this was a man. His wasted brain didn´t either. When Roy rolled to his knees and tried to get up, the hand slipped out of his open trousers. Not for long.  A strong body pressed against him from behind, and bottles were knocked from the low table Roy leaned into, hands searching for something, anything he could grip.

Her boss had entrusted her to close the café at the end of her shift, and she did. She locked the door and turned the small sign around, informing every potential customer that the café was closed. Then she came to the table at the far end where no one would see them from the window and straddled his lap.  As he kissed her, his hand stroked over her thigh and underneath the miniskirt she wore as part of her waitress uniform. He really loved those.

The man had to help him keep his balance as they walked into the dormitory. Neither Roy’s fly nor the button on his pants was closed, and he couldn´t have cared less as long as his trousers were not falling down to hinder walking.  If they did, he knew he was in no condition to get them up again, and would probably ravish the other man right there on the floor. The other cadet’s jacket was abandoned somewhere on the stairs between the first and the second floor. All the time, hands roamed over his body.

The woman moaned as she moved on top of him. His hands were on her hips, pressing her down forcefully each time she moved up and she willingly followed his lead. Her slender hands were on her own body, keeping her breasts from bouncing as she moved up and down. Each time her weight settled against him, the hot tightness of her body wrapped around his aching member made the lust almost unbearable, clouding his senses. She let go of her breasts and her hands gripped his arms, as if she needed something to hold onto. Throwing her head back, she moaned loudly and her movements became rushed, urgent. So close.

“Don´t stop!” That voice was hoarse, deep, and the man groaned as his fist hit the door he was leaning back against. He was flexing, arching against Roy, sweating and trembling.

Roy’s hands were wrapped around strong, broad shoulders.  A hand firmly gripped his hip.  His face pressed into dark hair, his nose filled with the heady scent of musk, and he could feel warm breath and fleeting kisses ghosting along his shoulder. Roy didn´t care about anything.  The only thing important right now was moving. Each time, he tried to take the man’s dick as deep into his body as he could. It was hot and thick and hard and the feeling of another man’s erection inside of him was so fucking, mind blowingly good. Oh yes, the pain was still there but it was no longer important, it was drowned in waves of pleasure whenever the man’s aroused member pushed into his body. Roy didn´t know if he was breathing anymore. He didn´t know if he made any sounds and he didn´t notice the scratches he left on the other man’s shoulders and neck.

God, so close. So close. He needed just a little bit more. Roy moaned, tried to move faster and felt like whining when his body started to tremble, unable to comprehend. He could feel lips on his own, just for a moment and then the other man moaned his name and whispered something against Roy’s ear. Roy didn´t pay any attention to it, he didn´t care. His body was still denying him relief and every bit of him felt like taunt piano wire, thrumming with every touch and oh fucking god, so close. He felt like sobbing when his body refused to move faster and his knees felt far too weak to support his body and didn´t allow him to ride the man below him like he really wanted to.

Arching his back, he moaned out the man’s name. The next moment, Roy found himself on his back, next to the table he had been bent over before their change of positions, and although it felt like forever, it didn´t take long before the other man’s dick was a solid presence pounding into his body again.

Fuck. Yes.

Throwing his head back, he cried out as the demanding thrusts brought him to the brink of orgasm. The man on top of him began to move faster, faster, just as close to relief he was and he was… fuck.

He lost all senses of where he was and what he was doing. When he opened his eyes, he did not understand why he was alone and staring at the ceiling, and just why he had not come yet when clearly, he had been about to.

And why the fuck was there an erection in his pajamas. A very demanding one.  Aching and pulsing painfully with need.  Grimacing slightly, Roy let his hand slip beneath the blanket and into his pajamas. He cursed himself for waking up and being forced to rely on masturbation instead of savoring the whole dream.  He would have preferred to wake up in sticky pajamas, embarrassed over the first wet dream he’d had since he left puberty behind.  Unfortunately, he had woken up unfulfilled, and still had a demanding boner. And no one except himself to take care of it. Damn.

Closing his eyes, Roy tried to recall his dream as he started to stroke himself. Tried to remember those hands, those lips. His fingers wrapped around his erection and moved while his mind drifted off to what he remembered from his dreams. The need.  The lust. The feel of another man inside of him. He knew this was far from what he might have imagined two weeks ago during a jerk off. But right now, he didn’t give a damn. Right now, this worked for him.

Much faster than usual when doing this to himself, he could feel himself getting into it.

Until he recalled the images, the memories, his dream had drawn out. Including just what the man had said to him.

Roy stopped and frowned disturbed.  Just great.  A damn love confession.  It figured that he had to pick up a guy who spouted lines like that during sex.  It happened from time to time in the heat of the moment.  Roy knew it never meant a thing.  Not for the women and not for Roy. And certainly not for the stranger his younger self had taken into his bed… well, into his room.  Still, it was a damn turnoff, something he didn´t want to hear from someone he slept with just for the sake of sleeping with them.  Roy usually ignored it.  Just like he would now.

Except, he couldn´t.  Because the rest of that memory slowly filled in the blanks, and Roy knew his theory might be wrong. The moment he remembered the name that came out of his own mouth, he knew that this particular pickup had not been as random as he had believed it to be.  

And then everything inside of him cringed at the realization that maybe that particular confession had not been based on lust and overflowing hormones.

Roy could not decide what was worse.

The thought that maybe the declaration of love had been a serious one.

Or the realization that he had slept with his best friend.


Whew, that particular bomb has been stored and hinted at for quite some time ._.  I did contemplate running away after this cliffhanger, but considered my recent absence, I decided against it ^^°

Please let me know what you think ^^


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