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A/N: Finally, a update without months of waiting again :D I wish all of you a Merry Christmas

Now, this update might be fast, but unfortunately I can´t guarantee the same for all of the following ones u.u Thanks to  ‘Le Alias’ however, at least the whole trouble of having to read the whole fic again can be lessened ^^ Whenever it takes longer between the updates, I will add a short summary of the previous chapters at the beginning. It will be written italic, so you can just skip over it if you don´t need it. It also won´t include all the details or hints all of the previous chapters do, but hopefully it will give you a good overview, so you can start reading the new chapter without having to go through all of the previous ones first ^^

Beta&Co-Author: Ca11iope :D Merry Christmas, my dear! You know I wish you only the best because that´s what you deserve ^^


Chapter Thirty-Four: The Morning After

Day 21

When Roy stepped out of Ed’s bathroom, he found the other alchemist standing in front of him.

The signs of yesterday’s drinking were clearly visible on the blond this morning. A sharp frown and narrowed eyes spoke volumes about the headache the young man was suffering. His hair was a mess and his mood was even worse.  The fact that this picture made Roy smile instead of run probably meant something significant, but right now the Colonel was in no condition to work it out.

“Good –“ Roy started, but the first syllable of his morning greeting was as far as he got before he was rudely interrupted.

“Shhh!” Ed hissed and the Colonel instantly fell silent. After three seconds, the younger man just peeked at him through squinted eyes and whispered. “Not so loud.” Then he winced at his own voice, although he had spoken very quietly.

Arching one eyebrow up, Roy looked at him. It took another few seconds but then Ed hummed and said, “I need to…” Sparing the rest, the blond only pointed towards Roy, or rather the door he was in front of.

Right, the bathroom. Stepping aside, Roy watched the zombie scuffle past him into the bathroom.

A slight but nagging feeling of guilt prompted the Colonel to close the curtains until the apartment was as dim as possible, so it wouldn´t give the already suffering younger man an even worse headache.  Then he made his way into the kitchen. Luckily either Al or Ed had taken the time to do some grocery shopping, so there was no lack of raw materials.  Once the eggs and bacon were placed in the pan, the toaster was full, and coffee was on its way, Roy went in search of painkillers.  Oddly, throughout all these preparations, as told himself that he was neither a housewife, a nurse, nor Ed’s boyfriend, and that the blond certainly should have thought about how much he could drink and consider the consequences, Roy didn´t mind doing the chores.

When Edward came back from the bathroom, he looked much better, on the outside at least.  The expression on his face was still that of someone who questioned just why they had bothered to crawl miserably out of bed.

The blond stopped short when his eyes fell on Mustang. Then he saw the painkillers. Then the coffee.

His eyes wandered over the table, already prepared for breakfast. Slowly and on still bare feet, the younger alchemist approached the stove, coming to a halt next to Roy. Wordlessly, he peeked into the pan. Then he looked up to Mustang, who observed the uncharacteristically quiet man.

Ed sent yet another glance towards breakfast before he turned back to his guest.

“Huh,” was the blond’s only comment. Then he took a hold of Roy’s neck and pulled him down. The kiss was short but intense, and Roy was released before he even had time to react.

Taking his sweet time, Ed turned around and poured himself some coffee.

Roy should have expected something like that, shouldn´t he?  As it was, he barely managed to pull himself back together to prevent the breakfast from turning out inadvertently crispy.


Gracia was lost in thought as she made preparations for a nice, healthy family breakfast, lost in the conversation she and Riza had had the night before. It was hard to believe, but if Riza’s observations were correct… well, it was about time Roy Mustang finally fell for someone. And Gracia didn´t have the shadow of a doubt with regard to Hawkeye’s skills as an observer.

And even though one could argue that Riza´s point of view was subjective, the blonde woman had done her best to report what had happened in Roy’s office in an objective way, leaving out descriptive words and her own thoughts.

To Gracia, it pretty much sounded just like it appeared to Hawkeye. Never in a million years would she have been able to picture her husband’s best friend daydreaming in his office. Especially not with a far away, teenager-with-a-major-crush expression on his face, and even though Riza was careful to avoid describing the scene that way, that was exactly the picture Gracia got from what she had been told. The only thing missing to complete the cliché had been a daisy, for Roy to pick off the petals.

But while that mental image was definitely hilarious, Gracia still had her doubts. It could be wishful thinking on both women’s part. And really, Edward Elric with Roy Mustang? That sounded like an accident looking for a place to happen, with a side of screaming murder.

Another recent event Gracia took into consideration was her husband’s behavior the previous evening. She had wondered why he was so suddenly interested in getting information out of Alphonse, and about the questionable method he had used to aim for that information. Now that she was thinking about it, she realized that he had had that maniacal glint in his eyes; the expression he got every time he was scheming a plan to get Roy in front of the aisle as a bridegroom.

In light of this recent development, it made much more sense. It explained Al’s involvement and why her husband had suddenly decided to use the quickest, dirtiest, and most generally effective interrogation tactic on the young man.  Not that Gracia approved.  Quite the contrary.  She decided that she was going to have to have another talk with her overzealous husband about interrogating guests in their home

Her thoughts were interrupted by her husband rushing into the kitchen. “Good morning, my beloved and wonderful wife,” he said as he pressed a quick kiss on her cheek.

Immediately Gracia noticed two things. One: Maes seemed to have at least a slight headache despite his cheerful greeting. That wrinkle on his forehead was only present when he suffered from a headache.

And two: he was fully dressed. Including shoes and a light jacket.

“You´re going out?” She wanted to know, bewildered over the fact that he obviously was not planning to stay for breakfast.

“Yes, this is urgent,” Maes said, while he zipped up his jacket. “But I think I´ll make it home before lunch.”

Although he was ready to go and did claim this to be urgent, he hesitated for a moment.

“Roy might be joining us, so-“

“-I´ll make extra.” Gracia said with a smile.

So, it appeared that her husband was aware of the interesting romantic development concerning his friend as well.  She couldn´t wait to have lunch with Roy, and even better, with the Elrics as well. If Riza’s theory was right, it would be very interesting to watch the Flame’s behavior around the two brothers. Especially the older.

“You´ll bring Ed over as well? I think it might be a good idea to let Al sleep in late, considering what the two of you got up to last night.” Her slight disapproving edge over her last observation disappeared when her husband froze for a moment at the mention of Edward. And developed into a worried frown at his answer.

“No. I don´t think Ed will want to join us,” he said, slowly. Then he shook his head. “I really need to go.” And once again gave her a quick kiss, before bidding her goodbye and leaving the house.

Gracia was left in the kitchen, dumbfounded. Staring at the door through which her husband had just vanished, she wondered what was wrong.  A bad feeling settled into her stomach.

Shaking the feeling away, she decided that maybe she should wake Al up after all.


Ed was surprisingly forthcoming once they had finished breakfast. During breakfast, the Colonel had tried to start a light conversation. Nothing special or heavy handed, just some small talk. It was mostly ignored.  Once they had finished eating however, the younger man’s headache seemed to have dulled at least enough to no longer bother him as much, because Roy was able to speak without having to lower his voice. Both of men took care of the dishes, and although the blond was still on the silent side during all off it, he did allow Roy to manhandle him the entire time with very little resistance.

Whenever he felt like it, Roy was able to pull the man close. He could kiss him to his hearts delight and have the kiss reciprocated. Edward even tilted his head to the side to give him better access when Roy decided that one of the hickeys needed to be refreshed.

Under normal circumstances the lack of challenge would have left Roy feeling somewhat disappointed. Something about this behavior felt off, but not in a way Roy would be able to describe. Edward appeared strangely worn out and haunted, and Mustang knew that it was a result of yesterday. He was grateful that this passive behavior was certainly nothing he could expect from the blond on daily basis.

And honestly, Roy didn´t mind the lack of challenge when he noticed how much Ed really enjoyed the gestures. The younger man seemed determined to simply relish the caresses without worrying for once, so Roy didn´t comment on Edward’s unusual mood, although tons of questions resided on the tip of his tongue, waiting to be asked, begging to be answered.

Instead, he took great delight in seeing how far he was allowed to go.

If it weren´t for the damn bet, he was sure the situation would have led to a hot and steamy make out session, if not more. Most likely more. For Roy, sex was rarely of the ‘slow and intense’ variety, but this was definitely a situation that called for it. And he knew they both would have enjoyed it.

Sadly, he knew neither of them would have enjoyed the consequences of a lost bet.

Fortunately, Ed didn´t seem to mind the relatively innocent way his strange mood was being taken advantage of. Though he definitely left a few openings for Roy to take this further if he wanted to, Edward also didn´t seem too disappointed when the Colonel didn´t take them. On the contrary, Edward seemed pretty content with the gentle touches and resumed the light conversation Roy had tried to start during breakfast.

The Flame Alchemist had a sneaking suspicion that the young man wasn´t just recovering from yesterday’s emotional disaster that had caused Edward to ask him to stay. It was clear that whatever had happened was still affecting the man even though it had been buried deep. He could almost see the progress Ed made in trying to deal with it, but noticed something else becoming visible. A hint of something that was not quite bitterness, or hardness, but something close.

Roy had to bite his tongue to keep himself from asking questions. Oh, he really wanted to know, but at the same time, he didn´t want to deprive Ed of the break the young man clearly seemed to need.

So it was even more surprising when Edward himself brought the topic back up.

The young man sent a wary glance towards his former superior and then, over the rim of a fresh cup of coffee, he said, “He didn´t let me drink too much when we were out. I got wasted exactly once in public, and afterwards we decided it was too dangerous to do it again.”

The blond took a deep breath and looked up, into Roy’s dark eyes. Silently looking back, the Colonel decided not to comment on this, leaving it up to the blond to dictate the direction of the conversation, and whether or not to tell him more.

That seemed to be the right course of action, because Edward relaxed a bit and appeared more at ease.

“The German’s love their beer and it´s almost impossible not to drink when you are out with people. Of course once you get started they urge you to drink more, but between the two of us we managed to keep tabs on how much we drank, and neither of us got wasted again after what happened that one time we did.” Surprisingly, a small and clearly fond smile found its way to Ed’s lips. “Looks like you are actually more of a gentleman than he was; who would have guessed?” The amusement was clear in his voice. Then the blond seemed to realize that talking about your ex and comparing him to the person he was currently socializing with might be a bit tactless, and blushed. “Uhm… I…” The younger alchemist began.

“I don´t mind talking about your former boyfriends,” Roy quickly assured him, and was surprised to discover that in this case it was true. Usually he was not at all interested in his lovers’ past affairs, but this was different. Not only did he get the impression that it might do Ed some good to talk about this, it would also give Roy some much sought after information. “As long as the boyfriend you’re talking about stays former,” he added with a pointed look towards the place where a certain ring was likely hidden beneath Ed’s shirt. Even though Roy was certain that Ed wouldn´t – or couldn’t - return to the man, the Colonel wanted that thing gone.

Of course he put special emphasis on the ‘former’ part of the sentence with clear intentions. Yes, he actually was trying to act like most other people would in this kind of situation – curious with a hint of possessiveness. If the little scene just now was any indication, the blond was not exactly well practiced when it came to talking about former relationships.

Normal was nothing either of them were very good at, but that was exactly the reason why Roy was handling the situation this way, because it was strange and unfamiliar ground for the other alchemist. And it might just be enough to keep Edward off balance and get the predicted reaction. Manipulative? Yes, but Ed should know by now who he was dealing with. And seeing as it had become so much harder to manipulate his former subordinate, Roy felt no remorse for trying it now.

And it got him exactly the reaction he had wanted. Ed quickly lifted his hands in a defensive gesture and stammered, “No!.. Uhm, yes,” he said. Blushing even further, he added. “There won´t be anything between us again!”

Roy Mustang just now might have an impression of how a cat felt when sitting on a nice warm seat on a cockle stove. He really liked the sound of that.

Unfortunately, his options were either wallowing in satisfaction, or getting more information. Sometimes it sucked to be him.  He might have preferred to sit back and enjoy the feeling, but couldn’t stop himself from lifting one eyebrow questioningly. It prompted a huff from Ed as the young man looked to the side.

It took the blond a few moments, but then he spoke again, he was much quieter this time.

“He´s probably already dead.”

“Probably?” Roy quoted. “You don´t know for sure?&rdquo

While the Colonel filed away the information that the man could be alive, he also wondered what could have happened for Ed to not know whether his lover was alive or not.  Maybe questioning him was insensitive and tactless, but Roy knew that the chance of getting answers out of Edward by waiting for him to volunteer the information was very low. So the Colonel took advantage of the fact that at the moment the other man seemed willing to talk, since he had been the one to direct the discussion to this topic.

Ed was chewing on his lower lip, but the rest of his body had become completely still, though Roy could see, but not read, the turmoil in the younger man’s eyes.

The blond alchemist opened his mouth, but closed it again, without saying a word. Silently, Roy watched him struggle, waiting for him to sort his thoughts and put them into words. But after a few minutes without progress, Roy sighed.

“You don´t have to-“ he started, ready to close the topic, but Edward interrupted him.

“Even if he’s not dead, he´s not the same anymore,” the young man said, and despite his previous struggle, his voice was now firm as his gaze returned to Roy.

nstantly, the Colonel was reminded of the young boy who had been determined to go to hell and back to remedy the mistake he had made. There was a certain ruthlessness to his sudden composure, but it was a step forward.

Roy sighed in relief. Despite the pain still evident in Ed’s eyes, the younger man was willing and determined to deal with it, and the strange mood that had held the blond captive since the previous evening was finally vanishing. Roy now had Fullmetal back, and he was more than happy to see the steel return to the young man. Finally.

“The last time I saw him, he was no longer himself. And he won´t ever be again,“ Ed continued, his tone final.

Roy instantly knew that this discussion was at an end. He would get no more information on the subject, but that was alright. Roy had achieved something much better.

Anyone else might have been shocked by Edward’s next, and final, words on the matter, but Roy felt nothing of the sort. No relief, bitterness, or unsettledness underscored Edward’s voice, only calm sincerity.

ldquo;I really hope he´s dead,” the blond said in a soft, but steady tone.


“Al!” Elicia squealed, excited to see the young man was still there at the breakfast table.

“Ow,” Al responded. God, this was bad.

The disapproving glances he received from Gracia were almost worse. He felt like a scolded child. And Mrs. Hughes had not said a single word after her quite morning greeting. So much for being an adult.

Sighing, Alphonse sat at the table carefully eying the breakfast, not sure if his stomach could handle any food right now. He sighed again, this time in relief, when Gracia placed some herbal tea in front of him instead of coffee. He sent her a grateful look, but the smile he got in return was not quite as warm as he expected.

Then the woman placed – oh dear god – a thickly filled omelet on the table. He could see onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, and he was quite sure she knew about his aversion to mushrooms. Then the strong smell of the onions and tomatoes and dreaded mushrooms hit him, and his stomach did a painful flip as nausea attacked him.

“Here you go, Al.” Alphonse needed to concentrate on the housewife’s voice to actually hear what she was saying. “A rich and healthy breakfast will do you good.”

The glance she sent his way added an unspoken ‘and you better eat all of it’. Obviously, the woman was about to introduce him to a physical principle he was already familiar with in a completely new way. Action and reaction. Meaning: each action had its consequences. And now he needed to live through the consequences of yesterday’s drinking.

Al was quite sure his face had lost all color. He was about to decline breakfast, but the way Gracia turned away without giving him a chance to say ‘No, thank you’ left him with the impression that he might be in even more trouble if he tried that. So he dutifully took the fork and cut off a bit of the omelet with its edge.

There was bacon in there. Freaking bacon.

He was going to vomit. He placed the fork back on the table, and trying to keep at least a bit of his dignity, he attempted to slowly get up and hopefully make it to the bathroom without losing the battle against his gag reflex. Instantly, Elicia’s voice rang out.

“You´re not hungry?” The worry in the girl’s voice was enough to make Al sink down on the chair again. She kept staring. Why the hell did she do that? Could she not just look away so he could flee and feel sick in peace?

Carefully, he took the fork again. Gracia placed some toast on the table. Buttered.

Elicia still was staring at him, and it didn´t appear as if she was going to stop anytime soon.

Al took a deep breath to calm his stomach and looked down at the plate.

This was going to be… a challenge.


They decided to revive their halting alchemic research. Ed had laid out their notes on the table in the living room while Roy took it upon himself to make some more coffee. They would need it, and after having made breakfast there really was no point in pretending he was just a casual guest anymore by letting Edward provide the caffeine.

Everything was ready, and technically they could start, but there was one thing Roy felt obligated to mention once they sat down next to each other.

“I´m missing a pair of gloves,” Mustang said, while his gaze shifted to the man next to him.  

Ed, who was biting his lips in concentration, stopped what he was doing.

“I left them in the office before leaving for my appointment the other day. Did you see them?” the Colonel questioned further, his tone betraying a mild edge of curiosity.

Edward blushed. “Uhm… yeah,” he said, clearly embarrassed. “I wanted to give them to you yesterday, but they were still wet.” At Roy’s arched up eyebrow the blond continued. “I washed them,” he admitted. “I took them for some research and.. uhm… spilled something on them.”

Mustang stared at him.

That was just…

When he saw the blush appear, Roy was almost sure his suspicions were true.  Of course Ed’s embarrassment could be due to borrowing the gloves without asking and getting them dirty in any number of innocent ways, but somehow Roy didn’t think so.  Just what kind of research was the man talking about? Was he talking about researching his body’s reactions to the rough material, or was he talking about alchemy? And just what did the man spill on them? Coffee, semen, something else?

“Care to be more specific?” Roy questioned further.

Beside him, Ed shifted on the couch uncomfortably and looked away.  “Not really,” he said.


“You don´t want to know,” the younger alchemist assured him.

Now Roy was intrigued.  What the hell had the man done to his gloves?!  He now hoped that Ed had used them a sexual toy, because knowing Ed and his motivations for alchemic research - Roy suddenly feared the worst.


“I do,” Roy insisted. He really did. The answer he got was not the one he wanted to hear.


Now he took to glaring.

Ed glared right back. He was in no position to glare, but that didn’t hinder the stubborn man. Then the blond stood up and left the room. Roy was about to follow or at least ask him where he was going but it soon became clear.

The blond returned from the bathroom and placed the gloves on the table.  Roy snatched them up and observed them. He couldn´t find anything out of ordinary.  

He looked to the man standing next to him and asked, “What did you do with them?”

The other alchemist frowned.  “They´re fine,” he grumbled, obviously not willing to explain.

“That’s not what I asked,” the Colonel said slowly. If Ed deliberately spilled some chemicals on his gloves… huh, maybe he should look up if there was an array to analyze trace chemicals. If not, he’d design one.

The Colonel could hear the younger man huff in irritation, then the blond took the gloves from his hands and laid them on the table.

Mustang glared at him, but Edward showed no sign of noticing. Instead, he proceeded to straddle the older man’s legs and leaned down to kiss him.


Roy wrapped his arms around the younger man and returned the kiss. Ed hummed slightly and Roy could feel the lips against his breaking off the kiss in favor for a smile.

“Are you trying to distract me?” Roy wanted to know, not sure if he was amused or annoyed.

Both feelings faded a bit when Ed leaned down to nibble at his neck. “Is it working?” he asked against Roy’s skin, then bit down.

Roy took a deep breath when arousal hit him like a sledgehammer. He didn´t even need to answer. He was sure the beginning bulge in his trousers would answer that question better than any words.

“That´s not exactly subtle,” he said while he tilted his head to the side and let his hands slip underneath Ed’s shirt.

The younger man let go of his neck and looked at him. There was more than just a small amount of humor in those golden eyes, but lust was starting to take over.

“Subtle?” The young man pressed a light kiss to Roy’s lips. “When have I ever been subtle?”

He obviously didn’t care for an answer, because he resumed the kiss, this time much rougher. Teeth were nipping at Roy’s bottom lip and he found himself kissing back, pressing against Ed and pushing his tongue past plump lips to claim the other’s mouth. On his lap, Edward shifted a bit closer to Roy’s groin as the younger man’s hands buried themselves in black hair and his tongue greeted Roy’s in a very exciting manner.

For a few moments, all they did was exchanging heated kisses, but soon enough, the arousal grew and Roy’s pants started to become uncomfortably tight. He wrapped his arms around Ed’s waist and flipped their positions. He might have been more careful if this was a woman in his lap, but he was sure the hot-blooded man wouldn´t mind. There was no sound of protest coming from Ed over the rough treatment, but the damn brat bit his lips more forcefully than needed when he pulled the older man back down for a kiss.

There was a sharp tint of pain when Ed bit him. and Roy reacted instantly by thrusting his hips against the man underneath him. He could feel the lean thighs against his sides tremble and Ed broke the kiss off, moaning at the friction. The sound melded with Roy’s own groan as the older alchemist buried his face against the tanned and still bruised neck.

Oh fuck. The whole situation was proceeding almost ridiculously fast. Just moments ago they were close to fighting.  Now Roy was drowning in lust and arousal, and he couldn´t stop himself from grinding against Ed. He couldn´t remember the last time it felt so good to dry hump someone. But then, it had been a while ... and… he really shouldn’t do this ... because ...

Shit! Roy stopped.

Ed didn´t. The man unceremoniously reached between their bodies and went for Roy’s belt. The older man’s attempts to think went into slow motion when he felt one of Ed’s hands slip further down to pressed against his still trapped erection while the other began pulling the leather from the buckle.

Roy let out a panting breath.  He could feel his limbs getting weak. He started grinding against the hand fondling his erection through his pants slowly, so as not to hinder Ed’s other hand from opening his belt and trousers. Once they were open, the younger man’s left hand slipped right into his shorts and pulled his dick free while his automail hand reached for his own belt.

It took all Roy’s dwindling restraint not to come right then. He quickly reached for Ed’s hand and griped it hard, forcing it away from his straining erection. At the same time, he concentrated on sucking on the younger man’s neck. There was no chance he was going to hold out if the Edward started stroking him again.

The blond let out a needy moan and arched up. The sound was unbelievably arousing. The friction, although faint because of the blonde’s disadvantageous position, was effectively killing Roy’s brain, and the older alchemist automatically started to move against the man beneath him. His erection, free of its cage, was grinding against the still trapped hardness beneath it.  Roy moaned, while Ed let out an almost desperate groan and his automail hand started to frantically pull at his own belt. Roy stopped his grinding, and while leaning on one arm to hold himself up, his free hand quickly assisted Ed in opening his belt and pants.

“Roy…” The man interrupted himself, moaning aloud when Roy started to shove his pants down. “Ooh…fuck..” The blond let his head fall back as his own hard member finally slipped free. “We need to…” The words were slurred and barely understandable, but Ed took a deep breath and finally managed to get another word out. “Bedroom.”

In Roy’s opinion, the couch was absolutely fine. He proceeded to peel Ed’s trousers off, but the blond quickly stopped his hand.

Mustang looked up to the blond’s face, who was attempting to catch his breath. He looked absolutely kissable and Roy had no qualms about acting on that. The kiss was returned just as heatedly, but quickly broke off.

“We need to get to the bedroom. There’s-“  He practically melted into the next kiss and took much longer to break it off again and continue to speak. “Uhm… No lube in here. We need to-“

Roy stopped short at the words and stared at Edward.

The young man stared back.

“What? I´m not going to keep that stuff all over the place when Al’s staying over.”

Of course that would be why Edward thought Roy was staring at him, why he thought Roy had stopped what he was doing.  If only that were Roy’s real problem.

“Uhm.. Ed… ” The Colonel had no idea just how to tell him that yes, this clearly was leading to sex, and Roy obviously had no problems with getting it up for the younger male, but he still wouldn´t fuck him. His mind was racing in an attempt to find a reasonable explanation that did not include the truth.

At the prolonged hesitation, Roy could see the other man’s eyebrows draw together in a displeased frown.

“Don´t tell me you… I swear to you, if you want to do it dry, it´s going to be your ass that´s sore for days, not mine,” the young man said, and Mustang had absolutely no doubt Ed would make good on that promise if Roy suggested fucking him without preparation. Not that he intended to. He had no desire to hurt the man.

“No!” Roy quickly assured him. “That´s not it.”

For a few moments, there was silence.

“Okay.” Ed said slowly. “I´m not drunk anymore, so it´s not that advantage-taking shit.”

Roy tried not to wince. He really, really needed an explanation. Fast.

Beneath him, Edward shifted a bit. And Roy took a deep breath.

“You don´t have trouble getting it up,” the blond said and his tone reminded the Colonel a bit of Doctor Streng. The scientist in Ed was analyzing the situation in hopes of reaching a conclusion. “And I don´t think it´s the automail.”

While Roy didn´t doubt that there were people who might react negatively to metal prostheses in bed, Ed would be an idiot to think that Roy would object given his obvious interest. And while the point of Ed ‘being an idiot’ might be debatable in some situations, this was not one of them.

And maybe Roy himself should just stop acting like an idiot, because looking at this whole thing objectively, his behavior was stupid in the extreme.

The damn bet was really fucking up Roy’s life and he still had more than a week left. Considering his current track record with the other alchemist, even if he talked his way out of doing it right now, it wouldn´t be the last time Roy would need to. Hell, the only way he could realistically prevent getting into another situation like this with Edward before the bet’s time limit ticked out was to avoid the younger alchemist completely, but that would be a very difficult task. Edward would still want an explanation, and the young man had gained quite a bit of skill in shutting Roy’s higher brain functions off when he wanted to.  And if Roy did manage to successfully push Ed aside for the remainder of the bet without giving him a convincing reason for doing so, Roy ran the risk of never getting any further with the blond at all.

Looking down at the man underneath him who was looking expectantly back, Roy took a deep breath and decided to take a chance.

“Ed… there’s something I need to tell you.”



Sooo... what do you think? ^^ (besides maybe  that I love cliffhanger way to much?)

PS:And please, can someone tell me how I can stop LJ from deleting the linebreaks? ;_; It´s awful and I can´t stop it. I have no clue why it happens to this fic while 'new year' is fine ._. I already reposted and edited the last chapter more than once, but it just won´t stuck and I hope I don´t have to add every break manually again u.u

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