Reposted from Ca11iope´s  journal:

Originally posted by angstytimelord at Livejournal has IP blocked me for posting slash fic.

'I've apparently been IP blocked, I'm only able to post now via a proxy server.

Livejournal is apparently "cracking down" on anyone who posts slash fic on this site, so BEWARE! I've been blocked from accessing the site, posting, ANYTHING. Simply because there is "gay content" in my journal.

If you post anything slashy, please spread the word & let others know that the Russian homophobia has spread to LJ. It's sad & pathetic, but that's apparently the case.'

C/P from a separate entry:

'Please spread this message to your friends list, your non-LJ contacts
who might be thinking of coming here, everyone you know. Hell, tell
your next-door neighbor & your dog. LIVEJOURNAL IS IP BLOCKING

For the last few months, I've had trouble logging into my journal. I
worked around it with prozies, but apparently even that is at the
point of barely working any more. I have been blocked from access to
my friends page, inbox, communities, everything. I've sent numerous
reports to the so-called "support" team -- & gotten nothing but

As of last night around 7 pm Eastern time, I was completely cut off
from LJ access. I've been informed (albeit rather politely, I'll grant
you that) of my journal's "gay content" being "investigated."

This is heinous, repulsive, & reprehensible in every way. I have done
NOTHING WRONG to cause me to be IP blocked. My fanfiction does not
harm anyone -- no one is forced to read it who doesn't want to. Yet
apparently the "Russian overlords" consider any kind of gay content in
a journal to be grounds for "investigation."'


I think most of us knew this day was coming, but it still sucks in ways I cannot even begin to articulate. If you have any amount of gay content on your LJ, whether it's one fic or one thousand, please take steps to back-up your content if you have yet to do so, be it through Dreamwidth or Ao3 (I have a couple of invites if anyone needs one) or wherever best suits your needs.


My input? Back everything up. No matter the reason, it's always good policy to protect yourself. :(

I have received the advice of creating a backup-account on either AO3 or dreamwidth and I´ve done that with the latter. It´s quite easy to import your entire Lj into dreamwidth. It saves all the entries, comments, etc.
Personally, I´d recommend it
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